Healthy New Year 2020

New Year’s Resolutions are often made, but seldom kept.  I propose you join us in establishing healthy habits that you can maintain all year in 2020!  Us is a group of like-minded individuals interested in maintaining optimal health throughout our lifespan through healthy lifestyle choices including nutrition, exercise, stress-management, quality sleep and essential oils.  I am creating a private-support group on Facebook where we will share healthy tips, recipes and products and encourage and support each other in this journey.

doTERRA Daily Healthy Habits

You will need the doTERRA’s Healthy Habits Kit, a positive attitude and willingness to set some health goals and then work to achieve them!  We will follow the doTERRA wellness pyramid, and focus on the lifestyle choices — the part we can control!

doTERRA Wellness Pyramid

doTERRA Wellness Pyramid

The Healthy Habits Kit contains the top 5 essential oils, the top 5 supplements and a Deep Blue Rub Lotion from doTERRA, and addresses the 4 lifestyle rungs of the pyramid – the parts we can control.  We will also add in two supplements specific for helping our bodies detoxGX Assist and Zendocrine Softgels.

Healthy Habits Kit

        Healthy Habits Kit

Before we begin, I invite you to print off this wellness pyramid and rate yourself in each of the categories from 1-10.  Our goal is to get each of the categories to a 9 or 10, focusing on the bottom and working your way up.  Eating right – fueling your body is the base or foundation of good health.  Have you heard the saying that what you eat is either fighting disease or feeding disease?  I believe in the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time, eat healthy and 20% of the time indulge in some less optimal choices.

Healthy Supplements – Eat Right

The Healthy Habits Kit contains doTERRA’s LifeLong Vitality Supplements – a 3-pack containing a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement called MircroPlex VMz, an omega called xEO Mega and a cellular health complex called Alpha CRS.  Adding these 3 supplements to your daily routine is one of the best things you can do for your health.  The other two supplements are a digestive enzyme called TerraZyme and a probiotic called PB Assist.  Taking a digestive enzyme before you eat allows your body to eliminate what it doesn’t want and utilize what it does.  The probiotic helps keep a healthy balance of gut flora or microbiome.  Adding in these supplements gives your body the building blocks it needs to function optimally, fight off disease and also eliminates many uncomfortable digestive issues for many such as gas and bloating.



The second rung is exercise, and regular cardiovascular, weight lifting and stretching and balancing exercises keep you healthy, fit and youthful.  Personally, I feel it’s key to find something you enjoy doing and a partner or group to exercise with for it to become a habit.  For me, it’s working out at the YMCA group fitness classes with my friend Sherry.  We have been working out together for over 10 years now.  We keep each other motivated, committed and enjoying our workouts.  We do Body Pump, Boot Camp, Pilates and also run a few races each year.  The Deep Blue Rub in the Healthy Habits Kit is excellent for preventing and treating any muscle soreness from these workouts.  The supplements also give me energy which helps my workouts and increases my endurance.

Rest and Manage Stress

Rest and manage stress is the next tier we focus on.  I believe getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night is critical for maintaining good physical and mental health.  Our society seems to value getting by on little sleep, and I often hear people bragging that they only need 5 hours of sleep each night.  If you do some research, you will find that prolonged periods of little sleep is very hard on your health.  Three of the oils in this kit can help with sleep and stress — Balance, Lavender and Frankincense.  When you manage your stress levels, it allows your body to relax for sleep.  Keeping your stress levels in check, allows for healthy cortisol levels, which also optimizes health.

Reduce Toxic Load

Reduce toxic load is next on our list.  We live in a toxic world, and it is impossible to avoid toxins — even when we are diligent.  Regularly helping your body safely and gently detox also greatly reduces the incidence of disease – specifically auto-immune disorders.  The two supplements I am adding, GX Assist and Zendocrine soft-gels, as well as the lemon essential oil with be very effective at helping reduce this toxic-load.

Healthy Habits Support Group

We will cover the how and why of using each of these products through graphics, posts and live videos in our private support group on Facebook.  We will officially begin on January 13th, to allow everyone to assemble the necessary products, and do some research and shopping to prepare healthy foods.  We will not follow a specific diet, but we will share healthy recipes.  I think we all get in a rut with our menus, and having other share recipes is super helpful!

                 Lettuce Wraps

We have one month to get ready.  The first step is to commit to a healthier version of yourself in 2020.  The second step is to order the Healthy Habits Kit from doTERRA.  The third step is to relax and enjoy your holidays.  The fourth step is to spend some time looking up healthy recipes and getting your pantry in shape before we begin.  The final step is to comment below that you “are in”, so we can add you to our event on Facebook.  Feel free to invite others to join us – having your spouse/kids/friends join in helps you stick with your goals.

I wish you a very healthy and happy 2020!

Hugs & Health – Michelle