We have been making-over each area of our home as we learn healthier options, and as we can afford.  We started with nutrition, because I believe nutrition is the foundation of good health.  We are now working on our personal care products.  I will share some of the switches we have made in hopes they fit your needs as well!

Healthy Hair Care Products

The first personal care product I used of doTERRA’s was their shampoo/conditioner and I was super impressed.  They are both very moisturizing (important for me, because I have dry, curly hair – but I believe this is important for everyone).  They contain all healthy ingredients, no toxins, and are infused with essential oils that make them smell great and keep your hair and scalp healthy.  Some are even helpful for thinning hair or hair loss!

Healthy Lotion

I have always been a lotion fanatic and even tease that I am addicted to lotion.  Having had skin cancer, what I put on my body is of the utmost importance to me.  I have been using doTERRA’s unscented body lotion for about 4 years, and love that I can vary the scent by using the essential oils that suit my mood that day.  When they came out with the Body Butter, I was in love.  It is my VERY favorite doTERRA product.  It is extremely moisturizing, but doesn’t leave your skin greasy.  I especially love this in the winter when I tend to get dry chapped skin.  Either of these also make great gifts.  The best thing about them, is that they contain no parabens or harmful ingredients!

Healthy Deodorant

The high incidence of breast cancer in our country led me to search for a healthy deodorant.  Most deodorants contain aluminum, which is a known carcinogen.  Think about where you apply deodorant and how close it is to your breasts.  It makes sense to me to switch to a toxin-free deodorant.  Does it work as great as the commercial deodorants that have aluminum?  Honestly, no – but it works good and the trade-off seems worth it to me.  I think it is a great idea to start young ladies out with healthy deodorant.  This Balance Deodorant is not an antiperspirant, so it will not prevent sweating (which is a good thing – your body is designed to sweat to cool itself off).  You will still sweat, but the ingredients prevent the odor that often accompanies sweating.  You will love the scent of this deodorant infused with Balance Essential Oil – one of my favorite scents.  Plus, it has the added benefit of reducing stress.

Healthy Lip Balm

The first skin cancer I was diagnosed with was a squamous cell on my lip.  The surgery and recovery were very painful, and left me with a permanent scar.  I am super careful about my lip balm, for obvious reasons.  doTERRA’s lip balms come in three flavors (tropical, original and herbal), contain no toxic ingredients and many customers report this is the product that converted them.

Healthy Skin Care


doTERRA offers two healthy skin-care lines, so there is sure to be the right match for you.  You can choose from the Essential Skin Care Line or Verage Skin Care Line.  Both contain no toxins.  The Verage line is often used for younger skin and the Essential Line is best for mature skin.  I like and use products from both lines.  You can get them as a kit, and they are discounted deeper than wholesale pricing, plus you can add in one or two of your favorites for even greater savings.  I like to add in the Eye Cream – one of my favorites.  The scent of the anti-aging moisturizer is my fav.  On a girls’ weekend at a friend’s cabin, everyone thought I put on perfume and asked what the scent was, and I had done nothing but put on this moisturizer.  It truly is delightful – moisturizing and energizing at the same time!

Bundle & Save

I hope you find these tips and natural switches helpful for your home.  I put together a starter package for those of you who are interested in switching to some of these healthy options in your home.  I will post the link, but if you prefer me to tailor-make a program to fit your needs, feel free to comment below and I am happy to help.  This bundle and save kit contains the products I mentioned with the Verage Skin Care Line (but you can switch to the Essential Skin Care Line if you prefer), plus a few extras.  This bundle saves you about $100 lower than wholesale pricing with doTERRA if you purchased all of these items separately or at retail.

Click To Purchase: https://doterra.me/eCCnsS7S

Hugs & Health – Michelle