doTERRA’s Healthy Start Kit is perfect for the person who wants to start small, and ensure they are using their essential oils before buying more oils and diving in deeper.  I get it.  Essential oils can be overwhelming when you get started.  I have heard customers mention worrying they won’t know what to do with them, and are afraid they will purchase them and leave them in the box.  Personally, I take pride in educating my customers and ensuring they put their oils to use.  I get wanting to start small, establish a routine, see some results and THEN decide to get oils to use and possibly replace everyday items in your home.

Healthy Start Kit

  1. Breathe Respiratory BlendBreathe essential oil is a blend doTERRA specifically created to support easy breathing and maintain feelings of clear airways.  It can be especially useful when seasonal threats are high, and to support breathing when you feeling like you’re coming down with something.  If you have a snorer in your house, you will LOVE Breathe.  Diffuse Breathe and apply it to the big toe before bed to open airways, and you will be amazed.  Breathe is delightful in your bedroom diffuser, and also when applied topically to the feet or chest.  Dilute Breathe for sensitive skin.  This oil is not intended for internal use (which makes sense because your goal is to support your respiratory system with this oil).
  2. Deep Blue Soothing Blend doTERRA’s Deep Blue Oil is both soothing and cooling for tired, sore muscles.  It is lovely in a massage, Epsom salt bath, or rubbed on areas of discomfort.  This oil should be diluted for kids, the elderly and those with sensitive skin.  Deep Blue is great for athletes both pre and post workout.  Deep Blue is known as the “husband converter”, and is a great first oil to try for any oil skeptic.  Deep Blue is felt immediately, and a great way to introduce people to the effectiveness and quick relief felt with essential oils.
  3. DigestZen Digestive BlendDigestZen digestive blend was blended to promote healthy digestion by supporting a healthy GI (gastrointestinal) tract.  It is helpful in reducing feelings of bloating, gas and occasional indigestion.  Try DigestZen before a heavy holiday meal, when eating out and if trying new foods.  Internal use of DigestZen is what I find most effective.  You can pop a drop in an empty veggie capsule, apply over your abdomen or to the bottoms of your feet.  This oil is good to diffuse in a car for those who get motion sickness; however, it’s not one we typically diffuse in our home.  We also use this one for our Havanese dog, Ivy.  She often gets an upset tummy and avoids eating for several days.  If I apply some DigestZen to the pads of her feet, she usually eats within an hour.
  4. Frankincense:  Frankincense is referred to as “The King of Oils”, and truly is great for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!  It offers complete cellular support and has been super beneficial for my son, Danny.   You can apply to your neck and forehead to promote feelings of relaxation and take internally to support healthy cell function.  Apply to areas of soreness or tension topically and you will quickly feel some soothing.  Frankincense is great for the skin, and can be used on age spots, blemishes, scars and wrinkles.   We like to diffuse Frankincense to uplift our mood and calm our senses.  They say, “when in doubt, get your Frankincense out!”
  5. Lavender Essential Oil:  Lavender is an essential oil we use daily in our home for all things “calming”.  It calms our mind when we need to relax or unwind for sleep.  It calms our skin if we have a cut, burn, bug bite or other skin irritation.  This oil is gentle and can be used neat, but I recommend diluting for children, pets and the elderly.  FCO (fractionated coconut oil) is my preferred carrier oil for diluting my oils.  Lavender oil can be taken internally, is delightful in a diffuser, and is often applied topically.
  6. Lemon Essential OilLemon oil is incredibly versatile and very inexpensive.  I drink it daily in my water (always out of glass or stainless steel — not plastic) to help gently cleanse my body (which addresses the fourth rung of our pyramid — reduce toxic load).  I also like to diffuse lemon to help cleanse and purify the air and uplift my mood.  It is also great to make your own cleaning products with the simple ingredients of vinegar, water and lemon.  Lemon can help remove stains from clothing and get rid of sticky goo (like residue from price tags).  I also like to fill a sink full of water, add a few drops of lemon and soak my fruits and veggies to clean them.  Lemon also aids in digestion, respiration and a healthy immune system.  This powerhouse oil is used multiple ways daily in our household!
  7. OnGuard Essential Oil OnGuard Essential Oil is known as doTERRA’s protective blend, but I like to think of it as immune support in a bottle!  And, I think it smells like Christmas in a bottle!  This powerhouse blend was synergistically formulated to support a healthy immune function and protect against environmental threats.  Add 20-40 drops OnGuard in a 10 ml rollerball and fill to the top with FCO.  We set this out at our breakfast table each morning, and apply to the bottoms of our feet while eating before putting our socks on.  At the first sign of being run down or having a tickle in our throats, we put a drop under our tongue or add to a glass of water.  Diffusing OnGuard is a great way to cleanse the air, and stop the spread of germs.  Green cleaners made with OnGuard, vinegar and water are effective, inexpensive and non-toxic.
  8. Oregano Essential OilOregano essential Oil is a powerful oil known to help boost the immune system, aid in digestion, and support respiratory function.  It is also used in cooking; however, only a very tiny amount is needed.  I like the toothpick method, where you dip a toothpick in your oil bottle, add to your sauce or dish, stir and taste before adding more.  Because oregano is so powerful, a single drop can overpower a pan of spaghetti sauce.  Caution should also be used when internalizing or applying oregano topically.  It is considered a “hot” oil and should always be diluted topically.  If internalizing, I recommend putting in a veggie capsule (can add some FCO to dilute even for internal use).  This oil is typically used for 10 days at a time, and then taking a break for 10 days before using this powerhouse again.  At the first sign of a sore throat or feeling run down, we take a veggie capsule with a drop of OnGuard and a drop of Oregano and get some rest.  This oil is best known for it’s immune support.
  9. Peppermint Essential OilPeppermint is my personal favorite, and an essential oil I use daily!  I  diffuse this oil paired with Wild Orange Essential Oil  or another citrus oil in the morning to wake up our sleepy household.  This duo is also great for energy and focus — I make a 10 ml rollerball with 20 drops of each and fill with FCO.  I apply this to the back of my neck after lunch, before a work meeting, or when studying.  The health benefits of Peppermint oil include promoting digestive health and alleviating occasional stomach discomfort, promoting clear breathing and healthy respiratory function, and repelling bugs naturally.  Ants, mice, and spiders don’t care for peppermint.  I spray it anywhere I see signs of them and also use it on craft sticks in my garden.  Peppermint is delicious in bulletproof coffee, hot cocoa, and chocolate protein drinks.  It can be used internally, aromatically and topically and is recommended to dilute for sensitive skin.
  10. Tea Tree Essential OilTea Tree is also known as melaleuca essential oil and is considered the “swiss army knife” of essential oils because of it’s many uses.  Tea Tree is commonly used for skin irritations like blemishes, cuts, burns and to soothe skin after shaving.  It’s often applied topically to finger and toenails to promote healthy nails.  Many add it to their shampoo to moisturize the scalp and keep it flake-free.  This oil is cleansing and effective for making your own household cleaners.  Lice tend to dislike the scent, so I would mix up a spray bottle of water and Tea Tree anytime the lice note came home from school.  Shake before use, and spray the back of your kid’s neck before leaving for school.
  11. Brevi Diffuser:  doTERRA’s Brevi Diffuser has a sleek modern look and can run for 5 hours continuously and/or 10 hours intermittently.  It has a selectable LED option which includes blue, purple, yellow,  and warm white  This feature can be set to cycle through all 4 colors, a single color, or turned to no light.  It covers 270 sq feet with an ultra fine mist.

If you choose to get started with doTERRA’s Healthy Start Kit, you will have enough oils to try many natural remedies in your home, without having so much you get overwhelmed.  It is a great place to start if you are brand new to essential oils.  I would be honored to be your guide, and happy to help you set up protocols for using these top 10 oils in your home.


Hugs & Health – Michelle