Do you use essential oils internally?  It is fairly “new” to internalize essential oils in the United States; however, in other countries people have internalized essential oils for hundreds of years.  I should caution that not all essential oils are pure enough for internal use.  If an essential oil can be internalized, it will have a “supplemental facts” label right on the bottle.  Additionally, some oils and oil blends are not created or intended for internal use (even if they’re pure).  As an example, doTERRA’s Breathe Respiratory Blend and Deep Blue Soothing Blend are not designed for internal use.  Breathe is great in a diffuser or topically over the chest for easy breathing, and Deep Blue is great topically to soothe soreness in muscles, tendons and/or ligaments.

Cooking With Essential Oils

Essential oils can be added to your favorite foods and beverages to add flavor. They are often less expensive, add more flavor and have the added benefit of not spoiling (like fresh herbs such as cilantro or basil or citrus fruits such as lemons and grapefruit).  Essential oils are potent, and a drop is all you need.  When adding essentials as a spice, I often use the toothpick method.  I dip a toothpick into the top of the essential oil bottle, add to my recipe, stir and taste (repeat as often as necessary).  This is especially helpful when using strong oils such as Oregano.  One drop of Oregano Essential oil can overpower spaghetti sauce, so the toothpick method comes in handy.

Essential Oil Safety Tips

When internalizing essential oils make sure to always use glass, stainless steel or ceramic (not plastic).  Because essential oils are potent, they can break down plastic and you don’t want to be ingesting broken down plastic!  I like to add citrus oils to my water for flavor and also to help my body naturally detoxify.  It also encourages me to drink more water, because I enjoy the taste and being able to vary the flavor.  A few of my favorite combos are:  lemon and wild orange, cassia and grapefruit, tangerine and lime.  I typically add 1 drop of each. My mornings begin with a drop of Frankincense and 2 drops of lemon in my water prior to a cup of coffee.  Lemon EO helps my body detoxify and Frankincense helps promote healthy cells plus the combo is delicious.  I have found I no longer get heartburn from my coffee when enjoying this combo in my water to start my day.

Essential Oil Drink Recipes

I also enjoy essential oils in my coffee and tea.  Peppermint is delightful in coffee or hot cocoa and also aids in digestion.  I like to add a drop of Cinnamon Bark and Madagascar Vanilla to a cup of Bulletproof Coffee to start my day out healthy.  Cinnamon Bark promotes a healthy metabolism and supports normal blood sugar plus tastes delicious and spicy.  Wild Orange is wonderful in a cup of tea.  It’s best to add the essential oil when your beverage has cooled to a temperature you can drink.  Extremely hot liquids can lessen the therapeutic effect of essential oils; however, if it’s a temperature you can tolerate it will not harm the essential oil.

How To Internalize Essential Oils

You can also put a drop of essential oil under your tongue, or make your own natural remedy by adding an oil or two to an empty veggie capsule.  This is helpful when you want the health benefit of an essential oil, but you don’t care for the taste.  It can also be really helpful for digestive upset and digestive issues.  The main oil I think of for this is doTERRA’s DigestZen Blend.  While I love the taste, it contains Anise which has a black licorice flavor.  People tend to love or hate black licorice, and the same goes with the taste of DigestZen.  Adding a drop to an empty veggie cap works just as well, and is a great way to support digestive health.

Reasons To Internalize Essential Oils

Internalizing essential oils is great when you want to support digestive issues or overall systemic health.  I like to internalize oils to support my immune system and to ward off seasonal threats.  For immune support my go-to is doTERRA’s OnGuard blend.  I like to drink a drop in tea, or add a drop to my water or a veggie cap.  For seasonal threats, I like to combine a drop of lemon, lavender and peppermint in a shot glass of water.  Recently, I added doTERRA’s new MetaPWR line to my daily line-up and enjoy the MetaPWR essential oil blend in my water several times/day to support a healthy metabolism and healthy weight.

Internalizing essential oils is only one way I enjoy using essential oils.  If you are new to oils, I recommend beginning with diffusing oils (the easiest way for a new oiler to use them).  You can also use essential oils topically, and I recommend always diluting with fractionated coconut oil for new oilers.  I think you will enjoy adding essential oils to your favorite recipes and drinks, and also enjoy the health benefits, plus the fact that they don’t spoil and are often an inexpensive way to add flavor.

Here is a custom link of a few of my favorite doTERRA essential oils to use internally (especially in my water).  This bundle does qualify for the free 25% discount, so it’s a GREAT way to start.  If you have questions or want to share a favorite recipe with essential oils, please comment below.

Hugs & Health – Michelle