Wondering which essential oil(s) to use for a specific health issue/concern/condition/goal?  Let me be your essential oil guide!  I have spent years researching and trying essential oils, and love to share what I have learned with others.  Essential oils can be overwhelming when you first start using them, and you need an experienced guide.  I will share a few of my favorite resources that helped me learn about the various properties of the different doTERRA Essential Oils we use in our home in Hudson, Wisconsin throughout our day.

Essential Oil Books & Apps

“The Essential Life Book” is my latest favorite resource book for essential oils.  I consider it a Pinterest Style book filled with recipes, pictures, DIY’s, and protocols, as well as an excellent source for the properties of each individual and blend of doTERRA essential oils.  I have several editions of this book in the hard-cover form, and I bring them along when I teach classes.  My clients love to be able to look up protocols and recipes themselves.  I also have this app, which I love because it updates when doTERRA releases new essential oils.

Resource Books

          Resource Books

“Modern Essentials” is another book that I love; probably because it was the first one I used.  It is more of a text-book resource guide with sections describing each essential oil in detail, and then listing health condition alphabetically and listing all of the oils that could potentially benefit that condition.  It also comes in an app, which is handy when I am out and about.  I have used this often for myself, my family and my clients. I can look up any issues in the search bar such as bee sting, hiccups, and growing pains to big health conditions such as diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disorders.

A few of my other favorite books:

  1. “Essential Emotions – Your Guide To Process, Release, and Live Free”.  I love this book for learning how essential oils can support your emotional health.
  2. “What The Bible Says – Oils & Spices Revealed” by Erica McNeal.  This book is helpful for learning about which oils were used in biblical times, many of which are still used today.
  3. “Essential Oils:  Health Care Today” by Carrie Donegan & Elena Yordan.  It contains 90-day plans for specific health conditions and issues.

doTERRA Blogs

doTERRA has a number of resources that are helpful for new and experienced essential oil users including two helpful blogs.  The doTERRA Blog is great for DIY recipes.  The doTERRA Science Blog is helpful for finding the latest scientific research, the latest articles on health and wellness and also includes science experiments for kids.

doTERRA Website

doTERRA University is geared more for people who want to share doTERRA essential oils as a business; however, because doTERRA wants their wellness advocates to be well educated on essential oils, it’s also a great reference for customers.  The doTERRA website also allows you to look up each individual oil and learn about its uses, benefits, origins, precautions, and directions for use.  You can also click for the PIP (Product Information Page) for each CPTG (certified pure tested grade) oil.  The website also lists contact info for doTERRA, which includes being able to email doTERRA’s product support with questions you still have after researching on their website.

Social Media

Social media is also a great place to learn more about essential oils; however, you want to trust the source.  doTERRA has strict guidelines for wellness advocates sharing education on essential oils as far as what you can claim an essential oil benefits, etc.; however, not everyone follows these rules.  My website is certified by doTERRA meaning doTERRA’s Compliance Department reviewed my content for accuracy before it was published.


I run a private support group on Facebook called Family Health Essentials that you can request to join if you aren’t working with another doTERRA team.  The group is private so that people can ask questions they might find embarrassing to post in a public page, and myself and other educators will offer advice.  There is a pinned post at the top with some of my favorite essential oil resources.  You can also use the search bar to find previous posts and videos on specific subjects.  I post helpful graphics and videos 4-5 days/week, and this is a resource many of my clients love.


I have an Essential Oil Recipes board on Pinterest where I post many of my favorite recipes and ideas using essential oils.  I often create the recipes myself, such as my homemade healthy perfume.  The board also includes some DIY’s and recipes from doTERRA — if I love it, I share it!  Everything on this board has been tried and approved by me and my family.


I do not have a specific essential oil Instagram page, but I do share recipes I love on Instagram periodically.  I share more about essential oils that I use on a daily basis on my Instagram stories.  You can find me on Instagram as MichelleCarrCaron or the hashtag #chooseessentialoils.


There are several websites that I like and use regularly for natural health including essential oils.  I follow Dr. Mercola, Dr. Jockers and Maria Emmerich.  While a majority of their posts are on nutrition, they do all use and recommend essential oils.  Personally, I feel the foundation of health is nutrition, and I like to refer my clients to people that I believe offer good nutritional advice.  Another website I like is pubmed.gov for finding research studies that have been done using essential oils.

While these references are helpful for sure, they don’t replace having an experienced essential oil guide for your essential oil journey.  I offer a free 30-minute wellness consult to all of my clients and pride myself on getting back to people.  I would LOVE to help you get started with essential oils and learn how they can benefit you and your family.  Reach out anytime with questions, or simply click “Get Started” on my website and follow the links.

Hugs & Health – Michelle