Essential oils save us tons of money in our house in Hudson, Wisconsin, because we use them as healthy options in our home for almost everything.  I feel you cannot afford not to use essential oils!  If you are a crafty, DIY kind of person – you will love this blog entry!

Homemade Cleaning Products With Essential Oils

We make all of our own cleaning products using pretty much four simple ingredients:  vinegar, water, essential oils and Castille soap.  My favorite multi-purpose cleaner is 1 cup vinegar, 3 cups water, 15-20 drops OnGuard Essential Oil (or 1 cap full of OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate) and shake well — then add a dash of Castille Soap.  I use this for almost all cleaning in my home, and it works great (plus it smells lovely).  I love that this cleaner contains no toxins, and that I never run out — because I always have the ingredients on hand to make more.  This cleaner not only saves us from toxins, it saves us in our pocketbook, too!  I am frugal, and like to reuse glass bottles instead of buying them.


DIY Personal Care Products With Essential Oils

I make many of my own personal care products with essential oils including sunscreen, after-sun spray, facial toner, mouthwash, bath bombs, room sprays and perfume.  The first rule is to always use glass containers for your homemade products.  Ingredients it is helpful to have on hand include:  glass spray bottles, labels, fractionated coconut oil, organic witch hazel, quality vodka, and doTERRA essential oils.  My Pinterest board called Essential Oil Recipes will give you lots of recipes for your own DIY projects.  The personal care products I make are a fraction of the cost of store-bought.


Rollerball Remedies

I make rollerball blends for just about everything in our home.  Some of my favorites include my Immune Support Blend, Skin Blend, Tummy Blend, Healthy Cell Blend, Bunion Blend and my Craving-Buster Blend.  To make your own rollerball blends you will need 10 ml glass roller-ball bottles, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Labels, Oil Cap Stickers and doTERRA Essential Oils.  You can make most of the blends for natural remedies using the Top 10 Oils that come in the Healthy Start Kit.  These rollerball blends save me money, because I rarely purchase remedies at the store.

For example, if Danny gets a mouth blemish – we used to go to the doctor and she would prescribe a steroid.  We would have a co-pay for the doctor and for the prescription, and often have to pay for a cream from the pharmacy.  it also cost me gas in the car to drive there, and time off work.  Now if Danny complains of any discomfort in his mouth, I dab a drop of Tea Tree Oil on the spot he points to in the morning and at night.  Typically, he has no more pain, and it only cost us 8 cents for the two drops of Tea Tree Oil.

DIY Rollerball Blends

   DIY Rollerball Blends

Scent Your Home 

Everybody wants their home to smell inviting, cozy and beautiful.  Most room deodorizers, plug-ins, candles and wax-warmers contain ingredients that contain synthetic fragrances, which are not ideal for your health.  Diffusers with essential oils, on the other hand, offer health benefits in addition to scenting your home.  The combination options are limitless — whether you make up your own diffuser blends, Google diffuser blends or buy diffuser blend recipe books.

My favorite recipe book is “Aroma” by doTERRA that I purchased at convention in 2018.  There are hundreds of recipes with categories for each month of the year, holiday and also for specific purposes like focused, inspired, peaceful and romantic.  It also includes a page on which essential oils pair together nicely.  Diffusing essential oils is cost-effective (pennies per diffuser blend) and everyone in the room receives the health benefits — including your pets.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how natural options using essential oils are not only good for your health, they can save you money as well.  I also love that I have a natural solution at my fingertips to try as a first line of defense.  My essential oil remedies usually do the trick, and if they don’t – then we head to the doctor for our second line of help.

Hugs & Health – Michelle