Essential oils only do their job and work in your body when they are pure essential oils.  You might think all essential oils are pure, because they are made from plants.  Essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, so it is buyer-beware when purchasing essential oils.  Most essential oils you buy off a store shelf contain synthetics, fillers and fragrances (which can actually be harmful and act as toxins to your body) and they do not have to be labeled.  Even if an essential oil is labeled “organic” it can contain synthetics and fillers, although then the essential oil must be organic.

Purity Matters With Essential Oils

Your body recognizes pure essential oils and knows what to do with them for your health.  Pure essential oils are simply extracts from plants that have amazing benefits to your health.  I did a lot of research on essential oil brands before beginning to use them, and from my research, doTERRA hands-down offers the most trusted, tested and pure essential oils on the market.  You can actually plug a lot # from the bottom of each bottle of doTERRA oil into a website and find out the testing results from that batch of oil.  Each doTERRA oil undergoes 54 third-party tests for purity before doTERRA will sell it to us.

Essential Oil Purity Testing

You might be thinking that all of this testing and this purity must make doTERRA essential oils expensive.  My answer several years ago would have been — yes.  Now that I use them to replace and make-over SO many areas of our health and household, I would answer differently — no.  In fact, learning about and using essential oils has saved my family thousands of dollars the last few years, in addition to benefiting our health with toxin-free natural remedies at our fingertips.  At this uncertain time, I would be much more fearful without my immune boosting protocol and daily emotional support with essential oils.

Wholesale Pricing Makes Essential Oils Affordable

How do you protect your health and your family’s health with pure essential oils and not break the bank?  A wholesale account with doTERRA allows you to purchase your oils, supplements and toxin-free products at 25% below retail pricing.  It is only $35 the first year to get this discount, OR if you get started with one of doTERRA’s pre-made starter kits you can get this 25% wholesale discount for free!  Each year thereafter, doTERRA will send you an email asking if you wish to renew your wholesale membership.  When you say yes, they charge you $25 and send you a 15 ml bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil (which has a wholesale value of $22), so your subsequent years of wholesale pricing only cost you $3/year.  That is a fantastic bargain!

July 2020 doTERRA Promo

In July of 2020, doTERRA has a generous promo where if you spend $150 to get started, you earn a free 50 points (I call them doTERRA dollars) to use towards free essential oils of your choice.  If you elect to take advantage of doTERRA’s generous auto-ship program called The Loyalty Rewards Program, you can save even more money and earn more doTERRA dollars to use towards free oils and products.

Earn $50 towards free oils

 Get $50 in doTERRA Dollars Free!!

If you have considered jumping into learning how essential oils can benefit your health and your family’s health, I would be honored if you chose me to be your guide.  I love my job of educating people on how to use essential oils safely and effectively — in fact I can’t imagine doing something I love for work more.  If cost is the only thing holding you back from getting started with this natural health journey, please PM me and I will help you tailor a kit to fit your needs and to fit your budget.  I can also help you earn an income with doTERRA if you are looking for additional income at this uncertain time.  I love my job, and I love teaching others how to enjoy their essential oils and also how to flourish in the business!

My Favorite Essential Oil Starter Kit

Hugs & Health – Michelle