My Client References

“As a mother of two boys and wife of a health care provider, Michelle has a unique relationship with doTERRA oils. Over the years she has experienced first hand the benefits of combining standard medical treatments with essential oils. She is the perfect blend of traditional and natural remedies. Lots of people are good at sales, but Michelle is outstanding in her knowledge and enthusiasm for helping us live cleaner, more healthy and grounded lives. She is my Oil Coach!”
– Pat A.

“I was introduced to essential oils while in Branson, Missouri, but didn’t know how to use them. Then I met Michelle at a learning in retirement class in my hometown of Menomonie. Michelle changed my experience with doTERRA oils. I was introduced into a learning program that now let’s me know their uses and how to get answers to my many questions. I was now linked into a group that explains and teaches the benefit of my oils. I got so excited that Michelle would spend time helping me and my friends experience the pathway to wellbeing we all are wanted. Each day I am blessed with more understanding of the gift of these oils. I’m so happy I stumbled across Michelle and this whole wonderful teaching group of doTERRA.”
– Katherine E.

“Michelle is an amazing leader! She’s very compassionate and knowledgeable about what she does. Michelle is always there to listen and guide you when you need her and is willing to give space when necessary. Michelle teaches you the tools necessary to become successful. I would not be in the spot I am today without her.”
– Sue G.

“I really enjoy and learn so much each and every time I listen to Michelle Caron teach a class about doTERRA Essential Oils. I find Michelle’s teachings to be easy to understand and packed with so much information. I love the powerpoint presentations that she does. I can concentrate more on what she is teaching vs. taking notes. It is the best of both worlds. I also appreciate when Michelle records the class so I can go back and rewatch it at a later date, which I have done several times. I may have missed something the first or second time but will eventually catch what I may have missed the next time. When I am working on my computer, I will have one of her replays in the background to listen too. I find that very helpful for me. If ever I came up with any questions, at any time later on, Michelle has always helped me get the answers I was looking for. She is invaluable.
I look forward to each of the classes that she teaches.”

– Marie S.

“Michelle introduced me to DoTERRA about 3 years ago. My husband was going through some issues and she was thoughtful enough to share what she loves about doTERRA in hopes it would help us. I decided to partner with Michelle and because her passion and dedication, I became a leader and now work along side her. Michelle has been a been a supportive leader both personally and within the business. Her unwavering confidence shows in every class she teaches. She is passionate, knowledgeable , and generally cares about people. She will go far in this business.”
– Liz M.

“Michelle Caron has been an incredible teacher to me. She has guided me from the very first steps of signing up for my account to now being a wellness advocate and building a business. I live in Florida and Michelle lives in Wisconsin, however the distance does not hinder our communications. Michelle is regularly communicating via phone, text, email, FB, FB messenger and Voxer. She is constantly providing live options for her classes and events via Facebook or Zoom, so I can view them and learn techniques as well as create my own style. Michelle is extremely organized and always has information at her finger tips, and is willing to share with others. I have learned a lot from her regarding the uses of doTERRA essential oils, supplements and products as well as building a partnership. Michelle is an amazing leader and educator who will continue to set incredible goals and will work hard to achieve them!”
– Michelle A.

“Michelle has been wonderful to work with.  I had really been suffering with pain my my hands.  Michelle educated me on how essential oils try to bring your body to it’s natural state, and recommended a protocol including essential oils, a pain-relieving rub and supplements.  I am happy to report that the mobility in my fingers has increased while the pain has decreased.  Michelle has been very patient with me (an essential oil newbie with A LOT of questions).  If you are looking for personal support with essential oils, I couldn’t recommend Michelle more!”

– Sarah Q.