Yoga has not been enjoyable to me in the past, even though I believe it’s truly good for me.  I am more of a bootcamp/body pump/runner/HIIT/Tabata type of workout person.  The high energy, loud music and fast pace are what I prefer.  However, I know that stretching, flexibility and mindfulness are also important parts of health.  SO, I set out determined to learn to enjoy yoga.

Stretching And Flexibility Important

Prior to the pandemic I used to do a Pilates class one day/week because I knew it was good for me, more than because I enjoyed it.  When the gyms shut down, my workout buddy and I were working out together most days with out kids (for their gym credits) and came up with some bootcamp type games we could do at home.   We even created our own bootcamp game that we are in the process of making into a gameboard with hopes of retailing it for others to enjoy.  Our feedback has been great!

I knew that something was missing from my workout routine, and after giving it some thought, decided it was the flexibility/stretching piece.  Yoga and Pilates videos are easy to find on YouTube and I began doing two or three different Yoga workouts/week.  That led me to thinking I should create a Yoga version of our workout game, hoping some bootcamp folks would find the more fast paced/challenge version of a Yoga workout appealing and alternate it with their other workouts (giving them the stretching that I feel is so important for balance).

Different Styles Of Yoga And Pilates 

Researching Yoga poses, styles and flows was my next step.  I, of course, needed to try all of these Yoga poses and styles if I was going to create a Yoga workout game that was good.  I also met with a couple of friends who either regularly do Yoga or are Yoga instructors for guidance and feedback.  Before the Yoga edition can be designed, I intend to have multiple groups try it to make sure it’s great!

The real reason for writing this, is that in the process I discovered I DO enjoy yoga.  My advice if you don’t (yet) is to keep trying different forms of Yoga, and just keep trying Yoga.  Even if you prefer a more fast-paced workout, you will benefit from Yoga and Pilates and with repeated sessions, may even discover you love it!  If you need help slowing down and relaxing, I recommend doTERRA’s Yoga Collection of essential oils.  You can diffuse them during your workout or apply topically to help you feel relaxed and settle into the flow.

Do you love Yoga?  If so, what style do you like…….


Hugs & Health – Michelle