If you would like to improve your sleep, energy levels, mood, weight, stress levels or brain clarity, then this will interest you! It might surprise you to know that each of these functions are linked to aging and to your overall metabolic health.

Metabolic Health = Healthy Aging

doTERRA’s new Meta PWR system is designed to increase your “Health Span.”  What exactly is Health Span?  Thanks to medical technology, humans are living longer, which is known as your age span.  If you want to live these extra years feeling your best, it might benefit you to optimize your metabolic health.  Having a healthy metabolism affects much more than your weight. Your metabolism also positively or negatively affects your inflammation/pain levels, mental clarity, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, sleep quality, mental clarity, skin health and mood.

Your biological age is directly linked to metabolic health, and has nothing to do with your actual age or chronological age.  Biological age in simple terms is how healthy your body is, and scientists refer to it as how old your cells and tissues are based on physiological evidence.  Your biological age is more accurate than your chronological age at determining the onset of disease and death.

Lifestyle Choices For A Healthy You and A Healthy Weight

The good news is YOU have some control in how you age biologically.  doTERRA’s Meta PWR system is designed to help you optimize your metabolic health, and can even reverse some adverse effects from previous health choices that might not have been optimal.

Health really goes back to the basics of putting nutritious dense foods in your body, managing stress, getting quality sleep, moving your body every day, having healthy relationships and smart supplementation.  This smart supplementation is where MetaPWR comes into play.  MetaPWR is a metabolic health line designed to help you curve cravings, increase energy, lose weight, activate longevity genes, improve cognitive function and improve skin elasticity.

The MetaPWR Health System (Metabolic Health Personal Wellness Realized)

This MetaPWR system contains the MetaPWR essential oil blend synergistically combining oils to curb cravings (especially sugar cravings), stop maturation of fat cells and support overall metabolic health.  It comes in four forms:

  1. Essential Oil to drop a few drops in your water everyday.
  2. Beadlets to give you a little burst of metaPWR oil in your mouth.
  3. Gum that you can chew to keep cravings away.
  4. Softgels to take the metaPWR oil in a convenient pill form.

Another unique product to the MetaPWR line is MetaPWR Assist which is designed to stabilize your glucose levels. You take this once per day with your heaviest or largest meal. It helps keep blood sugars balanced and decrease the post-meal spike in your glucose levels.  This is beneficial because everytime we eat, we age due to the natural spike in glucose levels post meal.  You will feel a more balanced energy level after beginning this product, which is only one of the ways you know it’s helping.

The last product in this MetaPWR system is the Advantage Collagen.  Collagen is the most prevalent protein in your body and collagen levels naturally decrease at around age 25.  Collagen gives your skin its elasticity and firmness and supports your body’s lean muscle and connective tissue.  This new Advantage Collagen consists of 17 strains of collagen peptides and combines strains of sustainably-sourced cold water marine fish.  It is bioavailable to your body — so your body actually gets the benefits from it!

doTERRA’s Advantage also contains NMN which increases your body’s production of NAD+ which in turn helps your cells generate energy.  Most NMN products on the market are synthetic, and can actually cause your body to experience less energy.  This revolutionary product is designed to help you slow the signs of aging from the inside out resulting in slower biological aging.  You will notice firmer looking skin, improved cognitive function, and more lean muscle tissue.  You mix this powder in water to activate the ingredients (it reminds me of Tang) and it also contains 12 active ingredients to reverse aging in addition to the collagen and NMN.

This system is not inexpensive, which shouldn’t surprise you due to the superior ingredients that are bioavailable to your body.  I always say that health is THE biggest blessing, and worth investing in.  If you are ready to experience more energy, more mental clarity, less extra weight, better sleep and more youthful looking skin the Meta PWR system is for YOU!

Discounted Metabolic Health Kit

All 6 MetaPWR products are available in a discounted kit for only $179 to both existing wholesale customers and to new doTERRA customers at the wholesale price.  If you don’t have a wholesale account, you get the added bonus of a FREE wholesale account with doTERRA for the next 12 months (typically a $35 value).  This discount is available anytime you shop; however, you are never required to make another purchase.

I believe after you try the MetaPWR system for one month, you will noticeably see and feel the difference.


Hugs & Health – Michelle