Metabolism is a word that often conjures up images of how quickly or slowly we burn calories or lose weight.  However, your metabolism affects so much more than your weight and I feel it’s vital to have a healthy metabolism for overall health.

My basic definition of metabolism encompasses the many chemical reactions that take place in your cells for energy and to sustain life.

Do you want:

  • Better Sleep
  • More Energy/Motivation
  • Weight Loss
  • Stable Blood Sugar/Reduced Sugar Cravings
  • Reduced Inflammation/Less pain
  • Younger Looking Skin

doTERRA’s MetaPWR System

If any or all of these appeal to you, I encourage you to give doTERRA’s new MetaPWR system a try.  MetaPWR stands for Metabolic Health Personal Wellness Realized.   Personally, I have been using the system for four weeks, and am loving the results.  Without changing my diet or exercise routine, I have lost 4 pounds and several inches around my waist, hips and thighs (my personal problem areas).

Other improvements I have noticed include deeper sleep, reduced cravings (especially the urge to eat late night), clearer thinking, sustained energy throughout my day and I am starting to notice some improvements in my skin (fine lines having reduced appearance).

How To Use MetaPWR   

How I use MetaPWR daily:

  1.  MetaPWR Advantage:  I break my fast with this by adding the sachet to an 8 oz glass of water.  I have a hand-held blender I use to mix it thoroughly and enjoy the taste (it reminds me of Tang).  The time I break my fast daily varies based on my daily activities.  This MetaPWR advantage contains 9 strains of Collagen and is clinically studied to support metabolic health by benefiting NAD and NADH production in the body (I don’t understand all of the science behind that, but I’m glad there are people who do).  In addition to supporting a healthy metabolic age, Advantage tones lean muscle, strengthens connective tissue and helps promote strong nails and hair, and reduce the visible signs of aging.
  2. MetaPWR Metabolic Blend:  A blend of several oils combined for the purpose of boosting your metabolism while helping to curb hunger cravings and promote mindful eating (especially if you’re someone who suffers from sugar cravings).  I drink this in my water several times daily, and also add a drop to the Advantage.
  3. MetaPWR Assist:  A supplement designed to promote healthy blood glucose levels, stable energy levels and support insulin sensitivity.  It also aids in the digestion of simple and complex carbohydrates.  I take this 20-30 minutes before my largest meal of the day (often supper, but sometimes lunch).  If I forget before, I take it during my meal.  I feel this is key to a healthy metabolism and reduces cravings, supports healthy glycemic and insulin responses and promotes youthful aging.  While I have listened to several webinars on this supplement, I’m not sure I understand it fully.  I do know it’s designed to lower the blood sugar spike after eating, and keep your blood glucose levels stable throughout the day.  I have forgotten this on two days throughout the last month, and have noticed increased cravings creeping back in the next day — my unscientific proof that this helps:)
  4. MetaPWR Softgel:  This softgel contains a couple drops of the MetaPWR essential oil in a convenient softgel.  I take one of these two or three times/day with meals and love the convenience.  These are also great for travel.

There are several other products you can try in the MetaPWR lineup. MetaPWR beadlets make it convenient to internalize the MetaPWR metabolic essential oil blend wherever you are.  It’s a 1/4 drop of this powerhouse essential oil in a handy beadlet.  I like to keep these in my purse for when I am out and about or for when a craving strikes.

MetaPWR Satiety Gum is a personal favorite of mine, because I am a gum-chewer.  Most gums contain less than ideal ingredients, yet I haven’t been able to break myself of the habit.  This gum is made of all good-for-you ingredients and is perfect for when cravings arise.  It also keeps your mouth busy and helps you focus on mindful eating.

How To Purchase And Save

You can purchase this whole system, or you can purchase each item individually based on your needs and budget.  Personally, I started with the whole system, and then the second month only needed to purchase the Advantage and Assist, which helped reduce the cost.  Now that I have been using the MetaPWR products for over 30-days, I am personally convinced they are worth the money spent.  I noticeably feel better, and have had several people mention my skin looks younger.

Health is THE biggest blessing, and I feel the MetaPWR system from doTERRA is worth the investment in your health.  If you are new to doTERRA and grab the kit, it includes a 25% wholesale discount FREE for the next year.  If you’re an existing customer, you already enjoy wholesale benefits and can add in the system or individual products at the reduced price.  IF you take advantage of the loyalty program from doTERRA you can earn free product points off this system, and can even add in several products at a reduced rate with the kit.

If you have questions on whether this would be a good fit for you, how to use these products or how to purchase feel free to comment below or reach out to me.  I’d love to help you look and feel your best!

Hugs & Health – Michelle