Mental illness has really become an issue during this uncertain time of 2020, with many people experiencing stress, feelings of hopelessness and relapsing addictions.  Personally, I think the fear of contracting the virus, the fear of being quarantined, the fear of losing a loved one, the fear of losing a job and the fear of the election results are simply too many fears for most of us to handle.  I think it is especially difficult for teens and young adults who are going to college, trying to live on their own, manage their bills and/or get a grown-up job.  Taking care of ourselves and our mental wellness is critical and something we need to make a priority and also make people feel okay to really tell people how they are feeling.

Essential Oils For Mental Wellness

Essential oils can be very powerful in calming and uplifting your emotions.  I especially like the aromatic method of delivery for emotional support.  Diffusers, diffuser jewelry and applying a drop of oil to cupped hands and inhaling are the ways I use oils aromatically.  Did you know aromatic use of essential oils can be a fast way to access the brain?  When you breathe in the scent of an oil, it travels up your olfactory system to the limbic system of your brain.  Your limbic system is the part of your brain that is involved with your emotional responses, which is why inhaling an essential oil can be so effective for your emotions.

doTERRA makes it easy to support your mood with their new 3-month kit called “Mind & Mood Wellness Program”.  I love that you can set it and forget it — you add this kit to your LRP cart, and then you get different products over a 3 month period to support your mind and mood.

Mind & Mood Kit 1 includes:

Mind & Mood Kit 2 includes:

  • 15 mL Adaptiv Calming Blend
  • 15 mL Wild Orange
  • 10 mL doTERRA Lavender Touch
  • 5 mL Black Spruce
  • Exclusive gift—Bath Salts

Mind & Mood Kit 3 includes:

  • 15 mL Lavender
  • 15 mL Cedarwood
  • Adaptiv Spray
  • doTERRA Serenity Spray
  • 15 mL Citrus Bliss
  • 10 mL doTERRA Balance Touch
  • Exclusive gift—Mini Body Butter

I love that each kit comes with directions on how to use each product.  To take advantage you do need to be a wholesale customer with doTERRA, and then process this through your loyalty rewards program (LRP) cart.  This only increases your savings, because the kits are discounted lower than wholesale pricing plus you earn free points to use for future purchases.  Not yet a wholesale customer?  I would love to be your essential oil guide and recommend getting started with  my favorite kit The Home Essential Kit.

After purchasing this kit, you can then take advantage of the LRP savings, and add in the Wellness Mind & Mood kit to your next month’s order.  You will love your starter kit, the Mind & Mood kit and the savings!  What a great way to end 2020 and begin 2021!

Hugs & Health – Michelle