My youngest is a senior, now how did that happen?!  Having been through ALL-THE-FEELS as a mom of a senior, I thought I was ready this time.  Boy was I wrong.  My “baby” is a senior at Hudson High School!  And, he’s a senior in the year of 2021/2022 with all of the uncertainty that holds.  Plus, he is a special needs student, which also makes his future so uncertain.

Transition Program

Danny will go to the transition program after graduation, so he will “technically” still be in the school district.  The transition program is housed out of our local YMCA.  The goal of the program is to help special need’s students transition from school-life to work-life.  They focus on learning job skills, and also try out a number of jobs to see what they like and what they are good at.

Danny’s ONLY interest is in working at a doggy-daycare.  He has been talking about his doggy-daycare and inviting every dog he meets to it for years!  We had his final IEP meeting yesterday, and he did express he isn’t interested in trying other jobs.  They did a great job explaining all of the students try out all different types of jobs.

Special Education

Danny’s high school experience has been nothing short of excellent.  Hudson High School has been very inclusive offering the Rhinestone Raiders (adaptive cheer squad), adaptive choir, and also mainstream classes such as Culinary Arts and Animal Pet Science.  Danny also had a tailor-made program to meet his individual needs in math, reading, speech, gum and social skills.

Danny has soared at the high school socially, academically and physically.  His teachers have all been fantastic, and really worked hard to make sure Danny’s needs are met.  Having his final IEP yesterday really made it hit home that this will be ending for Danny, and he LOVES school.  In fact, he’s always disappointed on weekends and summer break that there is no school!

Emotional Support

While I believe all parents experience many emotions having a senior, I feel this is heightened with this uncertain time.  I pray he gets to perform with his adaptive cheer squad in public, go to prom, have an in-person graduation and participate in his student-to-student club.  And, I pray this for all students — that they get to experience a more normal school year in 2021/2022.

All of this uncertainty has left me feeling a little blue, and a little unsure.  I am typically not someone who gets too worked up over things, but this feels different.  I am of course relying on some essential oils to help me cope with these feelings.  My go-to’s have been Adaptiv, Frankincense, AromaTouch and Balance topically.  I have really been craving Cheer and Peace in the diffuser.

If you have a senior this year, I would love to hear any advice on how you are coping!  If you wish to try my tricks, I have made a “bundle & save cart.”  I hope it gives you some peace as you move through this year with your senior!

Hugs & Health – Michelle