Essential oils have amazing benefits for our family’s health in Hudson, Wisconsin, and are part of our everyday life.  However, when we first started using these amazing natural solutions to benefit our health, we had much to learn.  We needed to know what oils to use for our specific needs, the safety precautions with each oil, how to use them, when to use them and how to ascertain that the oils we were using were pure.

Essential Oil Newbie

In fact, I felt overwhelmed when we began using essential oils.  I looked into them to support Danny’s immune system, and help prevent canker sores.  Danny has neutropenia as a result of his rare genetic disorder called Cohen Syndrome.  Neutropenia  is a condition characterized by a low neutrophil count in your white blood cells and low white blood cell count in general).  I think of white blood cells as the army that fights off infections, so learning this when he was 11 explained why he was chronically sick as a child.

We have tried many medical and natural therapies to boost Danny’s immune system, and essential oils paired with good nutrition seems to be the magic bullet for him.  I did my research before beginning to use essential oils, and chose doTERRA oils because of their testing and purity standards.  I needed to trust the oils I was using were safe, and I also needed to learn how to use them safely and effectively.

Here are some of my favorite resources:

Continuing Education

Free to anyone on our team who has a wholesale account with doTERRA. We begin again 9/21, and will run 8 sessions Monday evenings at 7 p.m. CST (replays will be available the following weekend for those who can’t attend the Zoom calls live).  You can even earn a beautiful, hand-made Batik Oil holder bag for completing all 8 sessions.  If you wish to be added to our continuing education group, please PM me and I will get you included.

Fall 2020 Continuing Ed Series

     Fall 2020 Continuing Ed Series

Phone Apps 

  1.  Modern Essentials Plus:  $3.99 – a great app for looking up protocols for certain health conditions/goals or searching an oil to learn it’s properties and how to use it safely.
  2. Essential Life:  $3.99 – Similar to Modern Essentials Plus, but it also gives you many recipes and DIY’s to try with your essential oils.
  3. doTERRA Daily Drop:  Free – you can watch 1 video per day (about 1 minute long), in several categories to learn an essential oil tip daily.  Examples include Emotional Wellness, Cleanse, Children, etc.


  1. Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA – a variety of topics to educate you on using essential oils.
  2. People’s Pharmacy – Show 1101 – learn from several essential oil experts and doctors on the benefits and uses of essential oils.
  3. Holistic Living with doTERRA – learn how to transition to a more holistic, less-toxic lifestyle.
  4. Hol:Fit Talks – she offers some great education on a variety of topics for living a natural lifestyle, and also offers some free courses on using essential oils.  Some of her episodes are on exploring the business opportunity of doTERRA, but most of them are for essential oil customers.


  1. – a great resource for DIY’s and recipes with your doTERRA essential oils.  This is perfect for the DIY’er, pinteresty type of person or for those looking for more ways to use their essential oils and save money.
  2. – learn about current research and find educational resources for using your essential oils.  You can also find science experiments for kids on this site.


  1. – a great place to look up studies that have been done on essential oils.  For example, you can type “Frankincense cancer”  or “Frankincense memory” in the search bar, and find studies that have been done on using Frankincense for these specific conditions.
  2. – this is my personal website.  You can learn how we got started with essential oils, about some of my favorite essential oils and many other topics on my website or in my weekly blogs.


Convention Pursue Connection 2020

doTERRA is putting on a virtual convention this year, due to the uncertain times.  Their convention is geared towards educating customers about many areas of using essential oils and also introducing their new products for the upcoming year.  This year’s convention takes place September 9 – 12, 2020.  The new product release takes place Wed, 9/9 at 7 p.m. CST and the remaining education takes place September 10-12.  You do not need to be available to watch live.  Your $30 registration gives you access to all of the education, and will be available for 60 days.

I would encourage any doTERRA wholesale customer to register.  Typically, convention is $125 for a ticket plus the cost of travel and lodging, and requires time away from work and family.  The 2020 online Pursue Connection Convention is the perfect way to try out a doTERRA convention and discover for yourself how valuable it is to learn from experts in the essential oil field.  They also have a segment on immune support this year, which is important to so many at this uncertain time in our history.  You can register here:

I hope you find these resources helpful.  If you have specific questions, please feel free to reach out to me.  I am always happy to help, and if I don’t know the answer — I have many resources to help find the answer!

Hugs & Health – Michelle