Essential oils are a regular staple in our house in Hudson, Wisconsin, however; during this uncertain time there are a few I am drawn to on a daily basis.  Some that I use consistently, and some that I don’t use regularly and find particularly soothing during this time of social distancing and Safer-At-Home with my family.


Brave is doTERRA’s Courage Blend from the Kid’s Collection.  While it was formulated for kids, I find I am drawn to the scent right now.  It features Amyris, Cinnamon, Osmanthus and Wild Orange essential oils and comes prediluted with FCO in a rollerball.  This blend is designed to boost feelings of confidence and courage, and I could sure use that right now.  I think we all feel a bit of uncertainty and stress with not knowing what the future holds, and this blend helps me feel calm and in control of my emotions.

Citrus Bliss

Citrus Bliss

Citrus Bliss

Citrus Bliss was one of my favorites when I first began using oils about 6 years ago, and for some reason just haven’t used recently.  The uplifting aroma of these citrus oils combined with vanilla bean extract seem to hit the spot with my emotions right now.  It is known as doTERRA’s invigorating blend and is a combination of Bergamot, Clementine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Tangerine and Wild Orange essential oils with a tiny hint of vanilla (which has always been one of my favorite scents).  It smells like sunshine in a bottle, and I like to diffuse it — especially on cloudy days to uplift my mood and energize my mind.


doTERRA’s Aromatouch Massage Blend has a light scent that is calming and soothing.  This oil blend is great to apply to tense muscles, add to a relaxing bath, and also to diffuse to help reduce feelings of tension.  Aromatouch combines Basil, Cypress, Grapefruit, Lavender, Marjoram and Peppermint essential oils.  I like to apply this to my inner wrists and temple and inhale during times of stress or tension.  I would love to have a massage with Aromatouch right now, but in the meantime I like to massage it into my hands and feet to help me feel relaxed and happy.



doTERRA’s OnGuard Protective Blend is always one of my favorites, and right now it provides me the peace of mind that I am protecting myself and my family from unwanted threats.  OnGuard is known as the protective blend because it is known to protect and support the immune system — something we all want right now (and really all the time)!  OnGuard is a blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Wild Orange essential oils.  I think it smells like Christmas in a bottle.  I make cleaning products for our home using OnGuard that are proven effective and toxin-free.  We like to diffuse OnGuard to cleanse the air, apply to the bottoms of our feet daily and also take a drop or two internally to boost our immune systems.



Frankincense is also an oil I use on a regular basis, but I found that I am using even more right now.  Frankincense is known as the “King Of Oils”, and can be beneficial for just about everything.  Our favorite uses are to promote healthy cells, relax our bodies, boost our immune systems, ease muscle soreness and also beautify the skin.  We use this in a rollerball on the back of our neck daily.  I also drink a drop or two of Frankincense paired with a citrus oil in my water daily.  We do occasionally diffuse Frankincense, and often pair it with an uplifting Citrus Oil.

Lavender and Breathe

You might be wondering why I am pairing Lavender and Breathe Essential Oils together?  I have found that this combination of oils in my diffuser has been providing me a restful night’s sleep.  While I often vary what I put in my diffuser at night, this combo has been the most effective for me right now.  I attribute this to the Lavender helping me relax, and the Breathe opening up my airways (especially when seasonal threats are high).  Breathe is a combination of Cardamom, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Ravinstara and Tea Tree essential oils.  It can also be helpful at night for people who snore.  I also like to apply this to my chest before a run to help increase my endurance.

Lavender & Breathe Sleep Duo

Lavender & Breathe Sleep Duo

I hope these oil suggestions will be beneficial to you and your family.  If you want help with specific recommendations for you or a family member during this uncertain time, comment below or PM me.  I’m always happy to help!


Hugs & Health – Michelle