As a mother, having a chronically sick child labeled “failure to thrive” is all-consuming.  I found myself constantly researching, doctoring and searching for answers to help my son, Danny, have a better quality of life.  We got his Cohen Syndrome diagnosis in 2011, and while it was hard in some ways, I felt relieved to have a name.  The diagnosis instantly opened up education and support in the form of a parent group on Facebook for others who were in our exact situation.  It meant not only could they relate to us, but they offered experience and advice that was priceless to us in the beginning.  And now, it means having friends along-side us on this parenting journey who support us unconditionally and offer understanding and even love.

Baby Danny - the cutest pumpkin ever!

Baby Danny – the cutest pumpkin ever!

Parenting Danny in the early years was often frightening, and exhausting.  He spent many sleepless nights, had no appetite, and was chronically sick with RSV, ear infections, colds, strep throats and mouth ulcers.  As a mom, I kept searching for ways to help improve his immune system and help him have more days of feeling better.  Danny was always happy when he felt well.  In fact, his becoming weepy was the sign we watched for that he was coming down with something.  He couldn’t really communicate how he was feeling or where it hurt, so becoming sad and crying is what we looked for.

Danny with mouth sores

      Danny with mouth sores

Danny’s diagnosis of Cohen Syndrome led our doctors to discover he had a low white blood cell count, and specifically a low neutrophil count in his blood cells (a condition known as neutropenia).  We began a medication called Neupogen, which boosts the neutrophils in your white blood cells.  For Danny, his illnesses decreased; however, his mouth sores increased (and no one knew why).  They suggested we stop the Neupogen.

Danny’s Natural Health Protocol

I then told his pediatrician I had switched Danny’s diet, and started using essential oils to support his immune system and healthy cells.  I had stopped the essential oils when we began the Neupogen, because I wasn’t sure if they would interact with each other.  We then tried using essential oils and the Neupogen, and this seemed to be the magic bullet that kept Danny healthy and mouth-irritation free!

When Danny started middle school, we also changed his diet.  We had him go gluten-free and start a “real-food” diet.  He didn’t really notice or mind, because we made the switch the first day of his new school.  In middle school he brought his lunch, instead of taking hot lunch.  I provided all of the snacks he ate at school.  Danny had always been a picky eater; however, when we removed gluten from his diet, he started liking most foods.  I can’t explain that, but it was was nice.  Danny began liking healthier foods like vegetables and dairy that he had previously refused.

Danny today

      Danny today

After much research, we began an essential oil protocol using doTERRA brand oils.  The main oils we use daily for Danny are OnGuard for his immune system, tea tree for mouth sores, and a combination of Frankincense and DDR Prime to support healthy cells.  We now also use Lavender or other calming oils in his diffuser, and he sleeps through the night!  We often diffuse Peppermint and Wild Orange during his “at-home” learning school day to help him focus.

Danny’s Health Transformation

I don’t think it was one thing that made the dramatic turnaround in Danny’s health.  I believe it was the combination of the medication, essential oils and nutrition that made the difference.  I was talking with my mom last week and she commented, “it was like you flipped a switch.  The transformation in his health, energy, and speech were amazing.”  I had never thought of it like that, but she was right.  As a mom, I can tell you I am much happier.  I love that my son is happy, and thriving.  He still has challenges, of course, but having him healthy, happy and strong make my heart full.

Danny’s transformation led me to want to share what has worked well for us with others.  I can’t say other kids will have the same results as Danny, but it couldn’t hurt to try.  I created a bundle of what we use.  I am happy to share what we do that works for him.  If you have questions and want to try the same protocol, feel free to PM me or purchase the bundle and we can connect after your oils arrive.


Hugs & Health – Michelle