Summer in Wisconsin/Minnesota is my favorite season, except for the bugs (especially mosquitoes). We just bought a lake home in Cross Lake, Minnesota and have been spending a ton of time outdoors.   I am one of those people that mosquitoes love and are attracted to.  If I sit next to my sister or husband, they get no bites and I get many!  However, I also dislike using commercial bug repellents.  The scent alone repels me, and makes me feel like I am putting toxins into my body.

Terrashield Bug Repellent Essential Oil Blend

My solution to this problem is doTERRA’s newly formulated TerraShield Repellent Spray.  It comes in an essential oil blend and also in a convenient, ready-to-use spray.  I like to have both handy, so I can diffuse the oil blend and also make my own custom bug sprays.  I like to purchase the pre-made spray from doTERRA to keep in my car, golf bag and kid’s backpacks.  You never know when bugs will be pesky, so I find it good to be prepared ahead of time.  I also like to refill the pre-made sprays with my own concoctions.

Organic Garden “Bug-Away” Spray

I make my own organic garden “bug away” spray, and tailor it to what I find lurking in my garden.  I typically start with Terrashield as the base and often add it Peppermint, Spearmint, Cedarwood, Citronella, Lemongrass, Siberian Fir and/or Patchouli essential oils.  I water my garden in the early morning and then apply my bug-away spray.  It works really well, and I love that it allows me to keep pests away and garden organically.

DIY Healthy Bug Spray

I also make my own bug-spray for my family.  I also start with a base of Terrashield in a glass spray bottle.  I tend to always add Peppermint (because I LOVE it and it’s effective at repelling bugs) and Cedarwood.  If it is gnat season I add in some Patchouli.  If it’s tick season I add in some lemongrass.  I then add in a splash of Witch Hazel and then fill to the top with water.  My homemade bug spray is moisturizing, cleansing and bug repelling all at the same time!

While bugs certainly don’t like my essential oil bug repellent spray, I actually do.  Some people even inquire about my “perfume”.  I do find that it works best when I apply it every hour.  The natural scent doesn’t last as long as the commercial bug sprays.  I also love that I never run out, because I always have the few simple ingredients I need to be able to make more.

I hope you enjoy the remainder of the 2021 summer, and that this natural solution helps keep the bugs away from your family gatherings!  If you are new to oils, I created a bundle that will help you get started (and save $ in the process:


Hugs & Health – Michelle