doTERRA’s new “READY KIT” is READY for you newbies to essential oils and seasoned oil users alike!  If you have wanted to try essential oils, but are overwhelmed about all there is to know about them — this is for YOU!!!  What I love is you get an introduction to the beauty, simplicity and power of pure essential oils, yet really don’t need any education to begin using these products.  However, I will still share how I personally use each of the essential oil infused products….

Ready Kit Contents

dōTERRA OnGuard Sanitizing Mist:  spray on your hands, public restrooms and door handles, airplane tray tables and any surface or screen you want to degermify in a healthy, green clean, non-toxic way!
Lavender Touch: (prediluted touch roller perfect for carrying in your purse for convenient use on the go), We use this for sun-kissed skin, cuts, scrapes, rashes, bug bites or really any type of skin issue.  It’s also great for calming to ease tense feelings and help you relax for a good night’s sleep.)
Correct-X: (apply to dry lips or skin, and also great for any owies or bug bites.
dōTERRA sun Face+Body Mineral Sunscreen Stick:  A new healthy sunscreen that works — you will LOVE the scent and the results!
Peppermint Beadlets: I carry these in my purse for a natural breath freshener, and they also give you a burst of energy and are great for easing any digestive issues (especially stomach upset or motion sickness).
• Deep Blue Rub Samples: Ease discomfort ANYtime — I keep these in my phone case.  In addition to easing muscle and joint discomfort, I like to apply to my shoulders/neck to ease tension from working on a computer all day!
TerraShield Spray:  Natural bug repellent — a scent that bugs dislike but you will love.  I keep one in my golf bag, in my car and have one at home and at the cabin.
Waterproof bag: to keep all your summer essentials handy -available while supplies last!

Equip yourself with natural solutions for common summer occurrences. Mosquitoes and other pesky pests? Long hours in the sun? Skin irritations? Be prepared and confident as you enjoy the great outdoors.  Our summer season is SO short and beloved in the Midwest and you can rest assured that you are using toxin-free products that really work!

How To Purchase and Save $

If you are new to essential oils, and specifically to doTERRA essential oils, you can purchase this kit at wholesale cost with my link and enjoy a 25% discount for FREE for the next year.  This discount gives you 25% off with no obligation to purchase more oils/products, but a discount if you do. If you want even greater savings, you can add in the new, beautiful Rose Duet — the dynamic beautifying facial duo with this link.  This will give you free shipping plus, if you place a qualifying order again next month will give you 100 free points to use towards essential oils of your choice!

Already a doTERRA customer? You can purchase this kit in your back office with a 25% discount as a one-time order, or through your loyalty rewards program and earn points back for free product, in addition to enjoying the discount.


Hugs & Health – Michelle