If you’re like me, you are still heading out in the community to grab what you need to get at the grocery store, Target, and department stores, etc. during this uncertain time of 2020.  I just haven’t wanted to transition to online grocery and personal care shopping and either having them delivered or for on-site pickup.  I really like to pick out my own groceries, especially my produce.  Clothing is another category I like to pick out in person, and just can’t seem to pick items out online.

Shopping Safety Protocol

My routine for shopping is pretty safe, because I have safeguards in place before I head out the door.  I keep a few clean face-masks in my car, and always have two in my purse.  I like to spray them with my homemade essential oil face mask spray before donning, because it makes it much more pleasant and comfortable to wear my mask.  I also keep an OnGuard Sanitizing Mist by doTERRA in my car and one in my purse.   I spray my hands before entering a store and as I leave.  I also spray the cart or basket handles, door handles, and really anything I may come into contact with.

I typically shop by myself, and am in-and-out fairly quickly — just grabbing what’s on my list and now browsing (which has also saved me money:).  Rarely does my son come with, unless I really need something and my husband is working and we have not personal care workers available.  Danny has worked hard to get over his sensory issues and wear a mask (I’m SO proud of him).  However, he still likes to touch everything and everyone, and this is a hard habit to break for someone so sweet and cuddly, because of this he seldom comes with me shopping any more (which is something we both miss, but it helps keep him safe).

Home Safety Protocol

When we arrive home with our groceries or supplies, we typically bring all the bags to the landing of our stairs.  We then take our shoes off and bring the items into our home.  Next we unload, and then dispose of the bags before showering and changing clothes.  I typically spray our new purchases with the OnGuard Sanitizing Mist, and also run a diffuser with OnGuard in our home.

Shopping is one of the few things I do outside of our home in 2020.  My husband (who has to leave for work at his chiropractic clinic), did all of the shopping from March through May of this year.  Danny and I didn’t leave the house at all, except to go for a walk outside.  When things loosened up a bit, I started shopping again.  It felt so good to be out and about.  Strange, but grocery shopping has become an enjoyable task for me, because it’s one of the few things I still do outside of our home.

Safety Measures

The safety measures we have put in place help to ease my mind, and allow me to still safely go out and choose the necessities for our home.  Winter is approaching, and the number of cases is on the rise in Wisconsin.  We have a new mandate for businesses to operate at no more than 25% that went into effect yesterday.  If the cases continue to rise, it’s possible we will begin ordering everything online.  While we are stocked with many staples, I hope and pray we will continue to be able to get out shopping for essentials that can spoil like produce and dairy.

Do you have any tips to share on staying safe at this uncertain time?  I always welcome new ideas!


Hugs & Health – Michelle