Our journey with our oldest son struggling with addiction has been a long road.  And, I’m happy to report we are on a good path with him to recovery.

Salvation Army ARC

He went into a treatment program for men at the Salvation ARMY ARC in Minneapolis last July.  Had he not have gone there, we feel he wouldn’t be with us today.  His drug use had escalated to that point.  We threatened him with no where to live, no car and no cellphone, or he would never have agreed to go that day.  Praise The Lord, he finally said yes!

My husband drove him to the Salvation Army minutes later, and our son was very high and dirty (he hadn’t showered in a week, and it was the stretch of 90 degree days last summer).  They only asked four questions at the ARC, and then he was admitted.  No insurance or paperwork required — which is amazing!

Christian Based Recovery Program

This program is a 6-month live-in program for men, and is Christian based.  Beneficiaries work 40 hours/week for the Salvation Army, which is what pay for their room and board, classes and treatment program.  They are required to attend chapel, meetings and classes.  Work therapy is a part of the program, also.  In addition, they are required to keep their room clean and follow rules such as being on time and no vaping, etc.  They can be drug-tested at anytime, and are tested for alcohol each time they leave and re-enter.

During their first 30-days they get little contact with their families, so they form bonds of trust with the other men living there.  They do not have access to their cell phones during the first 5 months, and can use house phones.  They are allowed a few overnight visits, but we mainly saw our son when we went to chapel.

Our son took a bit of a longer road, due to getting some restrictions for not following rules (like oversleeping and being late to devotions and not having his bed made).  After graduation he plans to live a couple more months at the ARC and then move to a sober house.  He applied for and got a permanent job with the Salvation Army.  I am thrilled to report that he has now successfully completed the program and is graduating tonight.  I have never been more proud of my son, and hopeful for his future.  God is Good!


Hugs & Health – Michelle