doTERRA introduced 3 wellness kits in September, and this article will highlight the Relief Wellness Kit, which is soothing and relaxing.  Over the last two weeks, I shared about the Immunity Wellness Kit and the Mind & Mood Wellness Kit.  Now, it’s time for those of you who suffer from discomfort to learn about the three Relief Kits designed to support you and your health issues and goals!

The first step is to join us on our natural health journey with a starter kit.  My top recommendation is the Healthy Essentials Kit, which contains the Top 10 oils for newbies plus a 10-hour diffuser (the easiest way for a new oiler to use essential oils)!  Then you can begin your 3 month targeted protocol for relief from any discomforts in your body.

Relief Kit 1 includes:

  • 5 mL Deep Blue Soothing Blend
  • Deep Blue Rub Samples
  • Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex
  • AromaTouch
  • Exclusive gift—Massage Ball

Relief Kit 2 includes:

  • Deep Blue Rub
  • Copaiba Softgels
  • 15 mL Wintergreen
  • Exclusive gift— Mini refillable Deep Blue Tube

Relief Kit 3 includes:

  • 5 mL Deep Blue Soothing Blend
  • Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules
  • 10 mL PastTense
  • Exclusive gift—Amber Roller Bottles 10 mL (3)
  • Exclusive gift—Fractionated Coconut Oil 30 mL

If you suffer from discomfort, I encourage you to give this protocol a try.  My hope is that you will soon be soothed and feeling great when we ring in the New Year 2021!

Hugs & Health – Michelle