Relieving minor aches and pains is a common condition people ask me for help with using essential oils.  I have taught several community education classes on soothing discomfort using essential oils and supplements, and it tends to be a well-attended class.  doTERRA’s Deep Blue Rub, Deep Blue Oil, Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex, Copaiba Essential Oil and Copaiba Softgels have been my long-standing favorite recommendations.  However, I am delighted to introduce doTERRA’s new Deep Blue Stick to your regimen!

Deep Blue Stick Plus Copaiba

Deep Blue Stick combines doTERRA’s Deep Blue Oil and Copaiba Oil with natural, plant-based menthol and camphor for targeted relief in a fast-acting solid.  This form makes it convenient to use anywhere, and easy to carry with you to have on hand whenever the need arises.  It’s perfect for your gym bag, backpack, purse, car glove-box and/or bathroom cabinet.  There is currently a limit of 5 per customer, because this has been such a popular new product.

Natural Pain Relief Protocol

The Deep Blue Stick helps give relief to pains associated with backaches, arthritis, sprains, strains, and bruises.  I got a Deep Blue Stick last month, and let my mom try it before her order came in from doTERRA.  She has been struggling with knee and hip pain from arthritis.  My mom has always been active; however, the pain has recently been limiting her activity.  She used the stick once, and then told me she had no pain until it came back on Wednesday.  She actually forgot about the arthritis!

My mom has been using essential oils for a few years, and previously used the Deep Blue Rub.  While it helped, the relief wasn’t as long-lasting as she would have liked.  She is thrilled to receive and begin using this new Deep Blue Stick regularly.  I will report back on her testimony after she has been using it longer.  I hope and pray it gives her the pain-relief she is hoping for, so she can bounce back to her active self.  I believe walking and keeping active daily goes a long-way in helping people age healthfully!

You will love this new natural pain-relieving product because it includes moisturizing emollients that leaves your skin soft and non-greasy.  It creates a cooling and soothing sensation that you will feel quickly after applying.

If you want to intensify the effect, you can apply some of doTERRA’s Deep Blue Essential Oil (dilute for sensitive skin) to any areas you wish to support and then apply the Deep Blue Stick after.  I hope you love the effects as much as I do, and have great results to report like my mom!

Bundle & Save

If you wish to really target soothing aches and pains, I recommend this link.  If you purchase this in October of 2021, you will also be gifted a FREE Deep Blue Rub and Copaiba Softgels complements of doTERRA!  I love free stuff, and I love helping people with their natural health goals — a Win/Win!!!


Hugs & Health – Michelle