We all want toxin-free products for our families in our homes, in our offices and in our schools.  However, it can be time-consuming and confusing to read labels and determine which products are safe, and compare prices for affordability.  To make it easier, a few friends and I are putting together a class called “Simple Swaps For Home School & Office”.  We have done all the research for you!

Online Education On Toxin-Free Products

We are offering two choices for you to learn the way that best fits your personality and schedule.  Both choices will offer the same content, but in different formats.

*A Zoom Class on 9/7/22 at 7 p.m. CST:   The Zoom Class is more of a learn all at once event that will give you all the info in less than 1 hour.  While we think you will benefit the most if you attend the webinar live, we will be recording it.  Some people are “Zoomed-Out”; however, I still think it’s a convenient way to learn!  This format works best for those of you not on Facebook!  Please PM me for the link to our Zoom Class.


*A Facebook Party/Event 9/7 – 9/10:   The FB party will be more of a “fun” event with short videos and graphics throughout the week.  You can learn in smaller snippets and you can also comment, ask questions and be entered to win some fun prizes for participating.  We will upload the videos and graphics each morning, so you can watch, learn and participate when YOU have time.  Please PM me to be added to our Facebook Event.

Healthy Products Delivered

Toxins lurk in many places, and we will help you uncover some common ones and share some apps/education on how to easily check your products for safe ingredients.  We will offer alternatives that we trust and are tested to be safe, pure and toxin-free.  doTERRA is the brand we use and love, and they offer SO much more than essential oils.  Whether you are an existing doTERRA customer or brand new, we will share simple swaps you can get delivered right to your door.

Shop Smart And Save

Replacing items in your home, school and office can be expensive at first.  Our goal is to make it affordable and in some cases even save you money.  doTERRA offers free shipping at a certain price point, and if you don’t have to walk in the door of your favorite store, it prevents impulse buying — which can certainly help your budget.

I hope you can join us via Zoom or on Facebook to learn about our favorite simple swaps for your home, school and/or office.  To get the Zoom link or be invited to our Facebook group, simply PM me or comment below.


Hugs & Health – Michelle