Minneapolis, Minnesota has been in the news a lot lately.  Our city has been through so much, and there is much that needs to be done to restore the neighborhoods effected in Minneapolis, so that the residents can live their lives and get their basic needs met.  While I live in Wisconsin, I am just a stone’s throw away from Minneapolis, and consider it part of my neighborhood.

The riots, looting and fires in Minneapolis have really taken a toll on the city, and especially on some of the poorest people and neighborhoods.  I feel we all have a responsibility to help our neighbors in need, and feel especially called to help in this situation.  We need to unite to effect change for the black community and all who have been discriminated against in our country.  We need to come together to uplift and support them financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I feel there is a way for everyone to contribute, no matter your life circumstances.  If you have time, you can go and help clean up or serve meals.  If you have money, you can donate needed supplies.  We can all say prayers and also write to our representatives and ask for change!

Many young people in our nation have been inspired to action by the tragic death of George Floyd.  While this is unfortunately not a unique incident in our country’s history, it has been the tipping point that will hopefully bring about change.  One of my friends, a college Junior is organized a donation drive called “Sharing Love In Minneapolis”.  Her intent was to personally deliver packages containing meals and personal care items to families in and near Mr. Floyd’s community.  I love her heart, and was more than happy to contribute financially and by donating items to her cause.

Another idea I have to continue her mission is for people to purchase hygiene kits from doTERRA.  They can be purchased individually for $25, in a 4-pack for $100,  and in a 20-pack for $500.  I reached out to doTERRA’s Healing Hand’s Foundation about donating these Hygiene Relief Kits for this cause.  They responded within 24 hours, and said they usually start by donating 100 kits, and they would send them out immediately.   I love the generosity of doTERRA!

Each doTERRA Emergency Relief Hygiene kit contains the following:

These kits are purchased only as a donation, and will not be shipped directly to you when you order.  Someone already purchased the kits coming to us for Minneapolis as a donation.  I would love to get some donations, to replenish what we are being given.  I love that they will be ready to go to someone in need, whenever they are needed.  It’s the “Pay It Forward” idea at it’s finest!

We will be distributing these hygiene kits in Minneapolis on Monday, June 29th at 11:30 next to the Salvation Army who will also be serving a lunch.  I would LOVE to have you support this cause by purchasing some hygiene kits from doTERRA and in prayers for the people receiving them!

Hugs & Health – Michelle