Getting rid of toxins, fragrances, candles, plug-ins and toxic cleaners has been a goal of mine over the last few years.  After learning about some of the harmful toxins in fragrances (and how they don’t require labeling in the U.S.), I have slowly been replacing items with the word “fragrance” on the label (for more information, check out the documentary “Stink”) in our home for healthier options.  doTERRA has made this easy!  I LOVE the scent of so many essential oils, and it’s an added bonus that many of them have cleansing properties in addition to smelling great!

Scent Your Home Naturally

One of my favorite ways to scent my home, and cleanse the air at the same time is by diffusing essential oils.  Many oils have cleansing properties, so serve the dual purpose of scenting and cleansing the air.  Diffusing happens to be the easiest way for someone new to essential oils to use them.  doTERRA has a new kit called the Aroma Essentials Kit that is designed for diffusing.

This kit contains a beautiful diffuser plus 10 essential oil blends (a blend is made up of single oils that have been blended together for a specific purpose) that are ready to pop into your diffuser.  Simply add water and a few drops of oil and you are ready to go!

DIY Green Cleaning

I also make all of my own cleaning products with a few simple ingredients.  I love that I never run out, because I always have more of what I need to make another batch.  I use vinegar, Castille soap, organic dish soap, essential oils, doTERRA’s OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate and water.  The oils I use for cleaning most often are OnGuard, Lemon, Peppermint and Wild Orange — and they all come in this kit except for the lemon and cleaner concentrate.  For more info on how to make your own green cleaning products with essential oils, visit and

Aroma Essentials Kit Content

  • Wild Orange: Has an energizing, uplifting aroma and is best known as a powerful cleanser and purifying agent.  I like to combine with Peppermint in my diffuser for an after-lunch pick-me-up!  It is delicious in water or a cup of tea!
  • doTERRA On Guard®: doTERRA On Guard has a spicy, warm aroma.  We use this aromatically, topically and internally to support healthy immune function. We apply topically to the bottoms of our feet daily, diffuse to cleanse the air, and put a drop under our tongue at the first signs of feeling run down.  I also make my DIY Green Cleaning products with this blend.
  • Citrus Bloom®: Citrus Bloom will have you thinking of spring when you diffuse it.  I also make a perfume out of this delightful scent by combining it with organic vodka and putting it in a pretty spray bottle.  Citrus Bloom is a combo of citrus and floral oils, making it energizing and relaxing at the same time.
  • doTERRA Serenity®: This restful blend delivers a relaxing and calming aroma, and is perfect to diffuse at your bedside.  I also like to apply this topically to the bottoms of my feet before bed, or anytime I need help relaxing.
  • doTERRA Cheer®: Cheer reminds me of Juicy Fruit gum, and has a fresh and bright aroma.  It combines citrus and spice essential oils so is uplifting and cheerful when you’re feeling down.  I like to wear this on my diffuser necklace, and also enjoy diffusing it on gray days to uplift my mood!
  • Adaptiv®: Adaptiv known as the “Calming Blend” yields a soothing aroma making it perfect for life’s most stressful moments.  I have used this A LOT during this uncertain year!  I like to diffuse it, apply it topically to my pulse points and over my heart, and wear it on diffuser jewelry.  If you have a nervous test-taker in your home, it can be great to wear on a diffuser necklace on test day!
  • Northern Escape™: Northern Escape combines wood and fir oils for a scent that will remind you of being in a cabin up north.  This fresh aroma creates an atmosphere of peace, harmony and tranquility.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint is my go-to oil when I need an energy boost.  I diffuse it with wild orange in the morning to wake up my sleepy household.  I also like to apply Peppermint over my chest (dilute for sensitive skin) before a run to help increase my endurance or when I need respiratory support.  It can also be helpful for stomach or head discomfort.  I like to put it in a roller with FCO for easy use wherever it’s needed!  It can also be helpful taken internally for digestive support.  I use peppermint pretty much every day!  I use it to repel bugs in my organic garden, and also make a spray with water or witch hazel to cool me down when I am overheated.
  • doTERRA Balance®: doTERRA’s Grounding Blend called Balance does exactly what it’s name says, helps you find balance in your life and feel grounded.  This is my son, Danny’s favorite essential oil, and the one he chooses.  I wear it on a diffuser necklace for him when we go to church, and he pulls it over and takes a whiff whenever he starts to feel restless.  He also chooses this when trying new things that make him nervous.  I also apply this to my hands and pet my dog, when she has a grooming or vet appointment.  We typically apply this one topically to our pulse points.
  • doTERRA Breathe®: I love that doTERRA names their blends such that it reminds us how we will use them.  Breathe is designed to support your respiratory system, and help maintain feelings of clear airways and easy breathing, while also minimizing the effects of seasonal threats.  We like to use this paired with lavender in our nighttime diffuser (the combo is AH-mazing) for restful sleep (because my husband is a snore-asaurus)  .  We also diffuse this blend when seasonal threats are high, like this spring.  I also apply this to my chest before a run or doing boot camp to increase my endurance.
  • Laluz™ Diffuser: I just got this beautiful diffuser in March of 2021 and couldn’t love it more.  It is an ultrasonic diffuser with a run-time of up to eight-hours.  It comes with three ambient light settings to match your mood or can run with no light.

Whether you are new to essential oils, or have been using doTERRA oils for awhile — you will LOVE this kit.  The Aroma Essentials Kit has some of my favorite oils, and because it is discounted, is a great way to stock up on my favorites.  It is discounted below wholesale, and can be purchased by existing customers through their loyalty cart for even greater savings.  Give this kit a try, and I’m sure most of these top 10 oils will soon become your favorite ways to scent your home, as well!


Hugs & Health – Michelle