I don’t know about you, but having your child (okay, adult) head off to college is exciting, but also down-right scary for us moms.  We go from seeing them daily, knowing they eat somewhat healthy, knowing where they are going and who they are hanging out with — to really not knowing anything about their day-to-day life!  While my son is only going an hour away (to Eau Claire, Wisconsin from our home in Hudson, Wisconsin), the distance seems much larger.

College Parent Newbie

My son left for technical college on 8/25/19 and is living in the dorms about 1 hour away from home.  He has not been a super responsible person, and has relied on us to wake him up for school and monitor his homework, etc.  We have probably done too much for him, basically, enabling him instead of empowering him.  In our defense, when professionals recommended letting him sleep and be late for school to learn his lesson – he simply didn’t learn the lesson, and was in danger of not graduating high school without our interventions.  We did help him apply for accommodations at tech school, but they offer limited support.

ADHD & Impulsivity

I think every mom is slightly terrified when their child heads off for college, and that fear increases when your adult child suffers from ADHD – making him especially impulsive.  We have done our best to guide him, pray for him and provide him with the tools and supplies he needs.  This morning we got a call that he has a “rash” and wants to come home.  I had him text me a picture (cell phones can come in SO handy!), and this is what he sent!

Environmental Threats Are Scary

Infected Leg

Infected Leg

Now, I don’t know about you, but this looks downright scary as a mom.  I wanted him to handle this on his own, and not come home.  I suggested he go to Health Services on campus.  They did not prescribe an antibiotic as I had thought they would.  They told him to buy some antibiotic cream with lidocaine and keep it covered with a band-aid, and to go to the doctor if it gets worse.  Now, I am not a doctor, but I feel this looks serious and should require an oral antibiotic.  I typically like to try essential oils and if they aren’t enough, try medications – but in this instance, I would have requested an oral antibiotic from the start.

Essential Oil Recommendations

IF he were home, I would also try some essential oils.  My choices would be a rollerball blend of Tea Tree and Lavender topped with Fractionated Coconut Oil that he would apply every couple of hours.  I would also make him a “vitamin” of Tea Tree, Lavender and Oregano (1 drop each) to hopefully prevent spreading.  My son has not been a fan of essential oils the last couple of years, mainly because he simply doesn’t want to try anything his mom would suggest:)  However, he asked me if essential oils would help this.

It is SO hard to not drive there right now, but I want him to learn some independence and handle this himself.  I have not typically been someone who worries a lot.  However, this has me feeling uneasy, to say the least.  For myself, I am applying Balance, Copaiba and Vetiver with FCO, diffusing the same combo and praying constantly.

He just texted me that his leg looks worse, and I instructed him to head to Urgent Care right away.  Keep him in your prayers, please – and me, too.  I welcome any tips you have on being the first-time mom of a college student!

Hugs & Health – Michelle