Did you know your skin absorbs everything you put on it?  That is why essential oils work so effectively topically.  However, the products most of us women use on our skin are not so good for us.  One of the reasons women have a dramatically higher incidence of breast cancer than men is because of the beauty products we use –most of which contain harmful ingredients.  Having had skin cancer 7 times myself, I began researching and label-reading products I use, and was quite shocked at what I learned.  


Fragrances do not have to be labeled as to what they contain; they are considered proprietary.  A label can simply say ‘fragrance’ and then it is buyer-beware, because you have no idea what ingredients are used for that fragrance (and it often times contains synthetics and fillers).  If you want more info on this, check out the Netflix documentary “Stink”.  “Stink” highlights one dad’s journey to learn what ingredients listed as fragrance in a pair of Justice pajamas may have caused an adverse reaction in his daughter.  The ONLY fragrances I now use are doTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils — IF I can help it!  

The first step for me was looking at my moisturizers.  Like I said, your skin readily absorbs anything you put on it, and it does not have the digestive tract to aid in filtering out toxins that your body utilizes when you eat foods.  I like the website Environmental Working Group (EWG) for checking products for toxins/safety.  You can enter in any product you are using or purchasing and they will give you a rating on the safety and cleanliness of that product.  

Healthy Skin Care

I now use the Essential Skin Care Line from doTERRA and love it!  I use the Invigorating Scrub 2-3 times/week in the shower to exfoliate my face.  I like to apply it so my face and then use my battery-operated exfoliating brush to gently massage my skin helping to remove old skin cells and leave my skin feeling renewed.  This scrub is infused with Peppermint and Grapefruit essential oils in addition to containing botanicals that will invigorate you and help to hydrate, smooth and tone your skin.  

doTERRA’s Facial Cleanser is gentle enough for nightly use and contains Tea Tree and Peppermint CPTG essential oils that help tone and purify your skin.  The natural cleansers in this product help to remove impurities leaving your face feeling clean, fresh and smooth while helping to prevent breakouts.

Next I use doTERRA’s Pore Reducing Toner to even out my complexion and visibly reduce the appearance of pores.  My skin is scarred from acne (I suffered many hormonal imbalances with my infertility treatments), sun damage, smoking when I was younger and from surgery after skin cancer.  I love this toner to help smooth and even out my skin.  This toner contains German Chamomile, Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils as well as fruit and plant extracts.  Honestly, my skin feel tighter and more invigorated after using this toner!  

The Tightening Serum from doTERRA is one of my all-time favorite products.  I use this after my toner and before my moisturizer, and often reapply it during the day if my skin is feeling dry.  This serum contains Frankincense, Myrrh and Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oils, natural extracts and gums, as well as anti-aging ingredients that help your skin look younger and firmer.  This product is scientifically formulated to promote skin hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!  

The last step in my facial care routine is applying doTERRA’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer both morning and night.  This lovely moisturizer contains Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine and Lavender essential oils, botanicals and peptides that help reduce the visible signs of aging by hydrating the skin, improving the tone and keeping skin young and vibrant.

Essential Skin Care Kit

You can purchase these products below wholesale cost in a Essential Skin Care Line.  The kit contains the facial cleanser, scrub, toner and tightening serum.  You can also purchase each product separately.  Once you become a wholesale customer with doTERRA (the least expensive way to purchase these amazing products with no obligation for further purchase), you can also take advantage of their loyalty rewards program (think frequent flyer program) and get two additional skin-care products at significantly reduced savings.  The products you can choose from to add on include:  anti-aging eye cream, anti-aging moisturizer, hydrating cream and brightening gel.

Bundle And Save

Get started with the kit (including the extra add-ons) and you will save money:  https://doterra.me/4aqaYySi

If you are trying to clean up your personal care products, I encourage you to give doTERRA’s Essential Skin Care line a try.  I believe you will grow to love how it feels and the results as much as I do.

Hugs & Health – Michelle