Nervous tummy?  It always amazes me how we often feel physical symptoms from emotional issues.  I often feel a “nervous” or “upset” feeling in my stomach when I am worried or uncertain.  This has always happened to me before tests, before public speaking and before large social events.  However, it has happened more and more during this uncertain time in 2020.  My go-to for a nervous tummy is doTERRA’s DigestZen Essential Oil.

While I was able to support my tummy issues with DigestZen, it led me to want to learn more about how this was helping.  I began to look into the emotional benefits of essential oils.  Originally, I researched and began using essential oils to support our physical health, specifically, boosting our immune systems.

Essential Oil Emotional Benefits

The book, “Essential Emotions: Your Guide To Process, Release and Live Free” has been a great reference and I have enjoyed reading and learning from this book.  It explains that oils support our physical health and also provide the energy needed to enter our hearts by raising the physical vibrations of our bodies.  I like knowing the science behind how essential oils work!  This book goes on to explain that essential oils help us experience old, buried feelings, which then allows us to release these feelings and be free.

The author goes on to say that essential oils help us release limiting beliefs, increase spiritual awareness and connection and inspire fulfillment of our life’s purpose.  The first step is to identify emotions that we are experiencing.  We first need to tune into our mind-body connection.  I find it helpful to sit in a quiet place, take a few deep breaths, and just try to pay attention to how my body feels physically first, and then pay attention to the emotions I am experiencing.

Physical Outcomes From Our Emotions

Nervous feelings are often felt in our stomach in the form of nausea or indigestion.  Guilt can also be felt in the abdomen usually as a tightening or aching sensation.  It is important to decipher what emotion you are experiencing, so you can help yourself process your emotions.

Essential oils have emotional and physical properties, and we can use each oil for it’s physical and/or emotional benefit, depending on what we are trying to achieve.  The two oils I have been drawn to recently to help me with stress of my son’s new diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and his hospitalization (so upsetting we aren’t allowed to visit due to Covid-19), are Melissa and Adaptiv.

Essential Oils For Emotional Support

Adaptiv is known as the oil of adaptability.  I certainly need help adapting to this new diagnosis for my son, and what our lives will look like as we help him navigate getting the help he needs.  Adaptiv helps us recognize that much of life is not within our control, and we can find safety in the Divine.  The Divine means different things to different people, and that’s ok.  For me, The Divine means my belief in God my heavenly Father.  This Adaptiv oil blend from doTERRA  reminds us that we are not along, that God is offering us refuge, grace, love and caring during all parts of our life.  I have been using Adaptiv in all 3 forms daily.  I have been diffusing Adaptiv at night, applying topically over my heart, inner wrists and elbows and also taking the Adaptiv Calming Capsules daily.

Melissa essential oil is helpful to deal with feelings of hopelessness, despair, loss and feelings of overwhelm.  Melissa is thought to help you receive spiritual guidance by helping to connect you to your inner voice.  It helps uplift your soul and encourages you to keep going, even through tough times.  Melissa offers enthusiasm for life that is contagious, and helps you release anything holding you back from achieving your potential.  I feel relaxed and joyful when I breathe this powerhouse oil.  It is a very expensive essential oil, and I use is sparingly — I save it for when I really need emotional support (or immune support).  I like to place a drop under my tongue, add 1 drop to my immune, face and calming rollerball blends, and also just take a whiff right out of the bottle (I still get the benefit, but I don’t use any drops of oil).

Using essential oils for my emotional health and well-bring if fairly new to me, and an area I am excited to learn more about and explore.  I hope you find these tips helpful in your own journey, and that you share any tips that have helped you balance your emotions with essential oils.

Hugs & Health – Michelle