If you have doTERRA essential oils in your home, I hope you are using them on a daily basis.  It takes about two weeks to establish a habit, and if you use your oils consistently for about two weeks you are likely to see the benefits, which will in turn help you be more consistent at using them.

Keep Your Oils Where You Use Them

At my home in Hudson, Wisconsin I like to have the essential oils I use in each room that I use them in, to make it convenient and help me get in the habit of using them.  I have a diffuser in pretty much every room in my house.  You will find essential oils, and products I have made with essential oils in my laundry room, kitchen, home office, bedroom and bathroom.  Being able to grab what I need quickly makes me much more likely to use a product.  For example, I have a bottle of lavender in my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.  Before I had acquired a large stash of essential oils, I used to simply save my old 15 ml  bottles and when I opened a new oil I would put half in the old bottle and keep half in the new bottle.  This gave me two bottles for two rooms without having to purchase a second bottle.

Essential Oils In The Kitchen

In my kitchen, I keep cleaning products made with essential oils and my OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate under the sink.  I have the OnGuard Foaming hand soap on the counter next to the sink (and in each bathroom in the house as well).  My son made me a storage shelf that hangs on the wall in my pantry where I keep all my cooking oils (such as basil, cilantro, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, dill, coriander, ginger, lemongrass and my citrus oils).  I also keep a large container will all my supplements in one place, which I fill up every few weeks.  This is much more convenient than opening each bottle every time I take my vitamins.  The rollerball blends we use daily and/or often are also housed in our pantry (blends like my immune blend, seasonal support blend and digestive blend).

Essential Oils In The Bathroom

Bathroom Essential Oil Shelf

       Bathroom Essential Oil Storage

In my bathroom, I have an acrylic nail polish holder on my vanity counter that holds the oils I use in the bathroom, plus my homemade products made with essential oils such as my toner, mouthwash, mermaid hair spray, eyeglass cleaner, etc.  I also have a “poopouri” spray in the bathroom.  I keep several rollers such as rose, Immortelle, blue tansy and Yarrow Pom for my face.  I also add a drop or two of these to my moisturizers occasionally.  I keep my unscented body lotion and the oils I like to scent it with in the bathroom.  I like to add lavender to an Epsom salt bath, and also a drop to my mascara and deodorant.  My “medicine cabinet” now contains things such as Peppermint, Past Tense, Deep Blue Rub, Tea Tree and Correct-X.  I love doTERRA’s shampoo and conditioner, skin care lines, toothpaste, mouthwash and spa products, which also reside in my bathroom.

Essential Oils In The Bedroom

In the bedroom, I mainly have oils next to my diffuser that I like to use for sleep.  I also have a couple of sleepy time rollerball blends I have made that I use if I awaken in the night.  A few of my favorites for sleep include lavender, Breathe, Serenity, Cedarwood, Adaptiv, Roman Chamomile and Vetiver.

Essential Oils In The Laundry Room

The laundry room also holds several essential oils.  I typically keep Purify, Lavender and Lemongrass next to my dryer.  I like to add these directly to the washing machine and also put on my dryer balls (best to wait until the end of the cycle, so the scent doesn’t dissipate).  I clean my HE washing machine with lemon essential oil to keep it from getting musty smelling.  I also make a homemade starch for ironing.  I typically add witch hazel, cornstarch, water and lavender to a glass spray bottle and it works really well.

Essential Oils In The Home Office

Essential Oil Shelf

        Essential Oil Shelf

My home-office has a large essential oil shelf that my son built where I keep all my unopened bottles and products.  I also have two holders on my desk with oils I use often during work, meetings, and when studying from the emotional aromatherapy line.  I also have doTERRA’s body butter and lip balm on my desk for convenience.

I hope this gives you a peek into how I set up my home to make using my essential oils convenient.  Having them located throughout the house where I want to use them ensures that I do use them.  Replacing so many of the products I previously bought commercially saves our family a lot of money.  I rarely go into Target anymore (which is especially nice at this uncertain time) which saves us hundreds of dollars/month.  Even if I only need one item from Target, I rarely walk out for under $100.  Keeping my oils where I use them has also helped me establish a routine for using them.  I hope you find this article helpful, and that you get in a routine with your essential oils so that you can reap the maximum benefits.  If you need help establishing a protocol or routine to fit your needs, please commend below or PM me – I am more than happy to help!

Hugs & Health – Michelle