2020, 2021 and now the start of 2022 have been tough years for my family, and for so many people that I love.  It has been on my heart to put something together to uplift people, and offer some support and connection.  I’m happy to report I finally came up with an idea that I love, and organized an event with a few friends.  We are calling it “Whole Body Wellness — Lifting Each Other Up Through Mind, Body & Spirit”.

Event Details

Our event will take place on Zoom, so from the comfort of your home on three Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. CST (2/22, 3/1 and 3/8).  We have a lot of goodness planned, and have divided the nights into the following   categories:

  • Feed Your Senses (2/22)
  • Feed Your Body  (3/1)
  • The Mind/Body Connection  (3/8)

I also want to clarify that this will be a “No-Sales Event” and is focused on providing education, support, and community.  You will learn from a handful of natural health practitioners including a massage therapist, a yogi, and a Jin Shin Jyutsu Mudras coach to name a few (without giving away all we have planned for you)!  We will also cover aromatherapy, nutrition, meditation, and many other powerful positive things you can do to uplift your mood and help you feel centered, balanced and healthy.

How To Join Us

We did create a Facebook Group to serve as a landing page for our event.  We will post the Zoom link as a reminder each week, a few positive graphics and it’s also a great place for you to pose your questions or share your ideas.  You can request to join the group to get the Zoom links, and/or PM me or comment below.  All are welcome!

It is my sincere hope and prayer that this event serves those who join us, and offers some alternative therapies that speak to each participant.  Wishing you all a joyous, healthy and prosperous 2022!


Hugs & Health – Michelle