Cleanses have become such a popular thing to do, and for a good reason.  Our world has become more toxic, even for those of us who consciously try to reduce or eliminate toxins.  Some people even say we are living in a toxic soup.  Toxins come at us from EMF’s (Electric & Magnetic Fields – from WIFI, BlueTooth, Microwaves, Cellphones, etc.), our cleaning products, our personal care products, fragrances in candles, clothing and food, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, trans-fats in our foods, pollution in the air and the list goes on and on.  If you want more info about our toxic world, watch the Netflix documentary STINK.

Toxins In Our Environment

In fact, research shows that infants are now being born with toxins in their cord blood, presumably transferred from their mother.  These toxins are endocrine disruptors, meaning they alter the function of hormones, so avoiding them or releasing them is critical to optimal health.  Detoxing the body is an important process, and should be done on a regular basis to maintain good health and even to restore health.

Healthy Options For Every Home

Many of you have read that our family has been working on getting rid of as many toxins in our home as we can.  We have switched out commercial cleaning products with homemade cleaning products using vinegar, Castille soap, water and essential oils.  We buy and grow as much organic food as we can.  We use doTERRA personal care products like toothpaste, deodorant, lotion and moisturizers, etc.  Yet, we are still exposed to toxins on a daily basis, despite our best efforts.  Doing a cleanse or detox on a regular basis goes a long way in helping the body get rid of built-up toxins.  When we get rid of toxins, our body is able to function better, and we can feel better and more energetic.  Eliminating toxins is also helpful for avoiding many illnesses and chronic conditions.

30-Day Healthy Cleanse

The Cleanse and Restore Kit from doTERRA makes it easy to do a gentle, safe and effective 30-day cleanse.  I lead a group every January on Facebook that guides you on how and why to do the cleanse.   Learning the benefits to our body helps us all stay committed and motivated.  This support group shares successes, challenges and healthy recipes and tips, which helps us all stay motivated to complete the cleanse.  It  can be beneficial to cleanse every quarter; however, we typically only cleanse together once a year.

The Cleanse & Restore Kit from doTERRA has been out of stock, due to being unable to sustainably source one of the products in the kit – the Zendocrine Complex.  Don’t despair!  You can purchase the Healthy Habits Kit (which is discounted 25% off if you’re an existing customer, and gives you a 25% discount FREE FOR 1 YEAR if you are a new wholesale customer).  You can simply add on the GX Assist (to support a healthy digestive tract by creating an unfriendly environment for unwanted threats that may cause digestive upset, and clear the way to restore gut health with doTERRA’s probiotic PB Assist – which is already included in the kit),  Zendocrine Softgels (doTERRA’s detoxification blend in a convenient softgel) and DDR Prime Softgels (to support cellular health, function and renewal) at the wholesale price of 25% off, and you have everything you need (plus a few extra oils to enjoy)!  I have bundled everything you need to get ready to join us, to save you money and time!

Decide today to join us for a healthy, and toxin-free 2020 (or as toxin-free as we can be).  Stock up on the products you will need, gather some healthy recipes, enjoy the holidays, and we will be ready to cleanse the first week of January.  I wish you a healthy and happy holiday season!

Hugs & Health – Michelle