What Is Diamond Club?

Diamond Club is a program that doTERRA offers to rising leaders in the company to help them teach more people about the healing powers of essential oils and to help them grow their business.  To qualify, I had to reach certain requirements including rank, enrollments and continuing support of my customers.  I also had to ask four people to be my sponsor (financially and to support me educationally).  I am happy to report I have met all the requirements, and have been accepted to participate in doTERRA’s Diamond Club.

Diamond Club Requirements

Diamond Club runs March through June of 2020 for doTERRA.  To remain active in Diamond Club, I have to teach a certain number of people about natural solutions for their home with a monthly requirement of Essential Oil Classes.  In addition to teaching these classes, I have to help a minimum number of people get oils into their home with a discounted wholesale membership.  Helping my downline team members is also a part of Diamond Club, and by teaching for/with them, I can also count their new customers towards my monthly requirements.  I win by supporting my team, so it’s a win-win for all of us.


Why Diamond Club?

         Why Diamond Club?

My Why

I have considered participating in Diamond Club for a couple of years, and this year it just feels right.  I feel ready!  doTERRA has been a business for me the last four years, and I couldn’t love what I do more.  When people thank me for helping them with their health specifics through essential oils (which come with no side effects when you know a few simple rules — and with no addictions), it fills me with pride.  When my team thanks me for teaching and supporting them, it fills my cup.  I LOVE helping people, which makes doTERRA a perfect fit.  Having my upline and doTERRA corporate support me in reaching my goals feels great!

How I Can Help You

If you have ever wondered why everyone is talking about essential oils, please reach out to me.  I would love to help educate you on how to use essential oils safely, and which oils could best benefit you and your family.  If you have ever wondered if network marketing would be a good fit for you, please reach out to me.  I would love to pour my time and talents into three new people this spring who are interested in natural health, and are committed to educating others about natural health as well!

doTERRA Education Class

    doTERRA Educational Class

Schedule Me To Teach A Class

I am also filling my schedule for teaching classes in March and April of 2020 in the Hudson, Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Twin Cities areas.  I would love to get a class scheduled for you whether it be an in-home class or online.  By participating in Diamond Club, I get to offer people incentives in the form of free oils to get started with their oil journey.  I also offer generous incentives for hosting a class.  My schedule will fill up quickly, so reach out soon if you are interested in hosting.  You will learn more about essential oils, and love the prizes you earn for hosting!

Hugs & Health – Michelle