Saving money is important for everyone, and when you can save money and eliminate toxins from your household at the same time, it’s even better!  Having a wholesale discount of 25% with doTERRA is great.  Taking advantage of their loyalty rewards program makes the saving even greater.  Let me explain…..

LRP = Loyalty Rewards Program

doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is an auto-ship, meaning you order monthly.  One thing I love about their loyalty program is that there are no requirements.  It’s optional to take advantage of the program and savings, and you can cancel at anytime.  Even better, you can change what you order each month, so you get only what you need and can also maximize your savings.  Here’s how it works……

  1.  Choose a date you wish to shop every month.  It is best to pick a date prior to the 15th of the month, because you can earn a free Product of the Month when your order is 125 p.v. (point value) and placed prior to the 16th of each month.  doTERRA announces what the free product is on the 1st of each month.  It is often an exclusive oil, meaning one that you can’t always purchase (usually because they don’t have a sustainable source to offer it all the time), so it’s a great way to get some new oils into your collection.
  2. Add items to your cart that you have on your wish-list.  You can change it as many times as you like prior to the process date.  You can also click “process order today” if you need something sooner than your set date.  This option also works if you wish to process a second or even third order during the month.
  3. You earn points based on the amount you order.  If you process over 50 p.v., you begin earning 10% back of your total order in points to use towards free oils/products of your choice.  Every 3 months you continue to order over 50 p.v., the %age you earn increases by 5% until you reach a maximum earned of 30%.  When you combine the 30% earned with the 25% wholesale pricing the savings really compound.  This allows me to make-over more areas of my home with healthy, toxin-free products!
  4. When you use the LRP system, you also earn your shipping cost back in free points.  Whether you choose economy shipping at $3.99 or express at $24.99  – you get the full price back in points the following month.  So, if you need something fast, it’s no problem.  You pay the shipping up front, and earn the free points the following month.
  5. doTERRA often offers a 200 p.v. special.  When they have these, if you order 200 p.v. that month you get a free product (or products) that usually have a high value PLUS if the order processes prior to the 16th, you also get the free product of the month.  You also earn points back on this order and shipping, so the savings really add up!  They typically offer a free Frankincense valued at $70 wholesale in December with a 200 p.v. LRP order.  I look forward to this and often take advantage of this offer several times during the month to stock up on my favorite oil!
  6. If you order 100 p.v. thru your LRP cart and upgrade your account to wellness advocate status, you can also earn commissions with doTERRA.  $100 a month to earn commissions is a small start-up cost to begin a business!  The earning potential is unlimited, but the $100/month requirement remains the same.

Save Money On Safer Products

doTERRA’s loyalty rewards program has allowed me to use many safe products in our home that I otherwise might not be able to afford.  Some examples are green-cleaners like their OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate, toxin-free personal care products like the OnGuard Toothpaste, Body Butter and Shampoo and Conditioner and whole-food supplements like their #1 selling product the LifeLong Vitality Pack of vitamins.

Another way this program saves me money, is that it prevents me running into Target weekly to grab something we are out of.  I never run out of the supplies to make my own cleaning products, mouthwash, toner, etc.  Because I head to Target less, I spend much less impulsively.  I often joke that walking into Target costs me $100, even if I only went in for 1 item.

I love the doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program has allowed me to bring essential oils and safe cleaning and personal care products into our home in an affordable way.  To maximize the savings, I typically try to keep my order at 125 p.v. (unless it is a 200 p.v. promo month).  When people ask me what I order it amazes me.  I have a running list of things I love and need, and have to decide monthly what can wait until the next month.  Unless of course, I am using my free points.  I did this last month, and got about $600 in free products with my points!

I love saving money and I love having safe, healthy products in my home.  doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program is a win-win in my book!

Hugs & Health – Michelle