Boosting your immune system is a common goal for many in the winter months, and for those with health concerns.  For my son, Danny, boosting his immune system has been a long-time goal, because he was chronically ill as a child.  When we learned about essential oils from a friend, who’s daughter was fighting leukemia, we learned how essential oils can be beneficial for supporting a healthy immune system and helping to ward off germs that can lead to illnesses.


Cohen Syndrome


Danny 1st Day of Kindergarten

Danny 1st Day of Kindergarten

Danny has a rare genetic disorder called Cohen Syndrome.  Many kids (and adults) with Cohen Syndrome have a condition called neutropenia, where they have a low white blood cell count, and specifically a low neutrophil count in their white blood cells.  White blood cells help to fight infections, so having a low number is less than ideal.  Keeping his white blood cell counts in the normal range is something we have worked hard at, and I am pleased to report we have been successful.

Danny takes a twice weekly injection of a medication called Neupogen, that helps to specifically keep his neutrophil count in the normal range.  Initially, we had weekly blood draws to get the right dosing of this medication.


Immune Support Essential Oil Protocol


Danny’s white blood cell count had already gotten to the normal range before we began using Neupogen, although his neutrophil count was still low (which is why we tried and continue the medication).  When we learned he had the low white blood cell count, we started Danny on what I call a “real-food” diet.  He eats very little processed food (we save that for special occasions at school or at parties).  We also started him on a gluten-free diet.  Danny eats some organic leafy greens at least once/day, and only eats grass-fed meats and dairy.  These dietary changes did a lot to help him get sick less often.


Danny's Snack

Danny’s Healthy Snack

OnGuard Protective Blend


We also started him on a daily essential oil protocol which includes applying doTERRA’s OnGuard Protective Blend to the bottoms of his feet daily.  We feel this blend has done a lot to support a healthy immune function for Danny.  In the winter months, I often make a rollerball blend with 15 drops OnGuard, 15 drops Lemon, 10 drops Frankincense and 10 drops Tea Tree Oil.  We combine this in a 10 ml glass rollerball and fill it to the top with fractionated coconut oil (FCO).  I set this out at our breakfast table, and everyone in our family applies it to the bottoms of their feet while we eat breakfast and before we put our socks on.  Danny uses this blend again at night.  In the summer months we typically just use OnGuard in a rollerball.

I also make a blend for Danny combining Frankincense and DDR Prime Essential Oil that I feel has been helpful in supporting his immune system and in maintaining healthy cells (including his white blood cells).  I combine 15 drops of Frankincense and 15 drops of DDR Prime in a 10 ml rollerball and top with FCO.  We apply this to Danny’s spine/back of neck in the morning before he leaves for school.  Danny has been able to take a summer vacation from his Neupogen since implementing these natural immune supports.


Diffuse OnGuard To Cleanse The Air


I love to diffuse OnGuard in the winter, and especially around the holidays.  I feel like it smells like Christmas!  OnGuard has a warm, spicy scent that helps to clean the air, in addition to scenting your home in a healthy way.  Danny’s teacher in middle school also diffused this blend in her classroom, so all of her students got the immune support benefit (and it also helped to clean the air in his classroom, helping to stop the spread of germs).


OnGuard Products


If we ever feel a tickle or scratch in our throats, we take a drop or two of OnGuard under our tongue, or put a couple of drops in an empty veggie capsule to make our own supplement. doTERRA also sells OnGuard in a beadlet and in a softgel, which is convenient for travel.  I keep the beadlets in my purse, and pop a few if I have been around someone coughing or with the sniffles.

OnGuard Products

          OnGuard Products

There are many other OnGuard products from doTERRA  that I love!  My favorite is the OnGuard Foaming Toothpaste.  My husband’s favorite is the OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash.  He uses this at his chiropractic clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota, and he also likes to use this as a healthy shaving cream.

doTERRA also makes many cleaning products with OnGuard, and my favorite is the OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate.  I love that I can make my own cleaning products with this, and with very little environmental waste.  I also love the safety precaution on the label – if ingested, drink lots of water.  That feels much safer for me with children in the house!  OnGuard also comes in a laundry detergent and in a hand sanitizing mist.  I love this mist for grocery cart handles, on airplanes and for hotel rooms (I also keep this in my purse at all times).

I hope these tips for supporting your immune system with doTERRA’s OnGuard Essential Oil have been helpful.  I encourage you to give OnGuard Essential Oil a try.  I think you will find the scent very comforting, and the immune support helpful for you and your family.

Hugs & Health – Michelle