Network marketing or direct sales used to have a tarnished reputation, but that is changing.  People had a misconception that network marketing was a pyramid scheme (pyramid schemes are illegal), and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Personally, I have always been interested in direct sales, because I am a big believer the philosophy that when we help others, we help ourselves.

Why I Love doTERRA

Finding a company I could stand behind was a challenge.  doTERRA fell into my lap by accident; I was searching for natural health solutions for my son.  It has turned into a business that I love, because I trust the products, the company and it’s founders.

doTERRA (which means Gift of the Earth) was founded in 2008 by David Stirling, Emily Wright, David Hill, Corey Lindley, Gregory Cook, Robert Young, and Mark Wolfert in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  Their mission was to bring a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world and to establish a healer in every home.  Their standards for quality and giving back to others can’t be beat.

doTERRA Founders

         doTERRA Founders

Why Direct Sales

There are a few different business models these founders could have chosen to get these pure essential oils into every home.  One option would be to sell them retail on store shelves, but that would not give people the necessary education to use these oils effectively and safely in their homes.  A second option would be to sell the oils through physician or doctor’s offices.  This option would have led to good education, but would limit the number of people who would have access to them.  The third option, direct sales would make the oils more mainstream AND provide the accompanying education.  So, I like to think of doTERRA as an essential oil company that chose direct sales as the best way to get their product into the most houses, rather than as a direct sales company.

doTERRA Comp Plan

doTERRA’s compensation plan also can’t be beat.  They offer a multitude of ways that wellness advocates can be compensated, so the plan is great for people who simply want to earn a little extra cash sharing oils with others, or for the person who wants to build a large business and replace or establish a full-time income.  They are very generous, and the compensation plan is unlimited for those who are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to build a successful doTERRA business.

doTERRA Compensation Plan

     doTERRA Compensation Plan

The younger generation seems less content to settle for a 9-5 job.  They want room to grow and get promoted, unlimited salary opportunities, and time freedom to work when they want and take vacation as they want.  Gone are the days when people would get a job out of college and remain there through retirement.  Network marketing or direct sales are the wave of the future.  The key to success is finding a reputable product you believe in, a company you believe in, a sponsor you believe in, and working hard.

Direct Sales Work (If You Work It)

Network marketing is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.  It offers unlimited salary potential and time-freedom for the individual that sets goals and works to achieve them.  I love that when I help others learn to be successful with the doTERRA opportunity, it also helps me and my team become more successful.  I also love that the majority of doTERRA loyal users simply love the product, and did not start with doTERRA to build a business.  It speaks highly of the purity and effectiveness of these oils that most builders started out as customers who decided to share doTERRA, because they loved the products and results.

Why I Love Educating On Essential Oils

My mission started out with finding natural solutions for my special need’s son.  I began sharing these oils with my friends and family, because I was wowed by the results we got.  Educating and empowering others to use these oils truly fulfills me, and I love getting positive testimonials from my customers.  It was the natural evolution to begin teaching others how to grow a successful business, simply by sharing their passion and knowledge of essential oils.

Essential Oil Education

     Essential Oil Education

It would be my honor to be your coach and mentor in your essential oil journey – both in using essential oils to benefit your family’s health and wellness, and in sharing these essential oils to benefit your family’s income and time-freedom.  If you are ready to explore what the doTERRA opportunity could look like for you – comment below or send me an email.

Get Started Today

I have several key business positions open in my organization that I am looking to fill.  Ready to get started right away?  Purchase this kit: and we will get your business moving on the fast track!  If you are interested in natural health, helping others and being your own boss – I would love to hear from you!

Hugs, Health & Wealth – Michelle