Cold & Flu Season

Influenza season run from November to March, making it mainly a winter illness.  Some people theorize this is because we are indoors more in the winter, and this is certainly true where I live in Hudson, Wisconsin.  This close contact with each other means we are also in close contact for spreading germs.  My dad always thought the cold weather encouraged colds and flu viruses.  My mom’s parents had them run barefoot outside during the first snow to prevent them getting sick in winter months.  I have heard flu season starts Nov 1st, right after the sugar holiday known as Halloween.  Kids load up on candy and sweets they receive on Halloween, and sugar is known to weaken the immune system.  Whatever the reason – people do tend to be sick more during winter months, and especially over the holiday season.

Support Your Immune System Naturally

Essential oils can be super supportive of encouraging a strong immune system.  In fact, boosting Danny’s immune system is the reason I got introduced to essential oils.  Kids with Cohen Syndrome often have a condition called neutropenia, which means a low neutrophil count in the white blood cells  (your white blood cells help to fight infections).  When we learned that Danny had Cohen Syndrome at age 11, this gave us invaluable info to help support his body.

Baby Danny - 3 Months Old

Baby Danny – 3 Months Old

Danny had been chronically sick from infant-hood through his teens.  Danny had chronic ear infections, strep throat, stomach bugs, and viruses which led to canker sores.  The canker sores were extremely painful, and is what led us to continue seeking answers until we found some help for Danny.  When he got sick, he really got hit hard, and would miss weeks of school at a time.  He was typically hospitalized with the stomach flu, because he would get dehydrated.  Danny had 7 sets of ear tubes, chiropractic adjustments and his adenoids removed to try to reduce the ear infections.

Despite these interventions, he suffered from ear infections and was on too many rounds of antibiotics for me to count.  It always hurt my heart that so many of Danny’s childhood memories involved being sick, doctor visits, hospitalizations, pokes & prods and medications.  Danny was diagnosed “failure to thrive” as an infant – and that hurt me more than I can say.  My hope is to help change the label for kids who are not thriving without a known reason.

Danny With A Canker Sore

 Danny With A Canker Sore

The good news is that with Danny’s diagnosis, it gave us information to do research and help boost his immune system.  We started him on a medication called Neupogen, which is prescribed by his hematologist, Dr. Messinger (a doctor we have grown to love) from St. Paul Children’s Hospital.  This medication helps boost the neutrophils in the WBC.  Danny takes a VERY small dose of 1.4 mg twice/week.  This medicine did boost him neutrophils, but for some unknown reason – Danny started getting more canker sores.

Essential Oils

We were introduced to essential oils by a friend from church, Kari Uetz, who was using essential oils to help support her daughter who was receiving treatments for leukemia.  Kari made a post on Facebook saying she was thankful for the essential oils that were helping keep her daughter stable, so she could receive the chemo she needed to fight the leukemia.  I reached out to Kari, went to a class she was teaching, and started a protocol to help support Danny’s immune system.

We began by making an “immune support” rollerball for Danny that consists of 10 drops each of OnGuard and Lemon and 5 drops each of Frankincense and Melaleuca/Tea Tree essential oils.  We put this in a 10 ml rollerball and then top it off with fractionated coconut oil (FCO).  Danny rolls this on his feet morning and night at the breakfast/dinner table.

Immune Support Rollerball Blend

Immune Support Rollerball Blend

We also make a “healthy cell” blend that consists of 15 drops of DDR Prime and 10 drops of Frankincense in a 10 ml rollerball topped with FCO.  Danny applies this to the back of his neck every morning and evening.  He likes to do it himself, and I love that I am empowering him to help take care of his health on a daily basis.

Sleep Well Naturally

Quality sleep is also a great boost to your immune system.  Danny used to sleep poorly – with frequent awakenings.  He not chooses a calming essential oil to put in his diffuser each night, and he sleeps really well.  During the school year, he goes to bed at 7:30 p.m., and we wake him up at 6:00 a.m.  He now sleeps through the night, which means that we can also sleep through the night!  He typically chooses Lavender, Serenity or Balance essential oils for his diffuser.

Bundle & Save

If you want to try this protocol, feel free to reach out to me for more info. If you know you want to try this – here is  link to order a “bundle” that is discounted to get started with the greatest savings:

Healthy Start Kit

        Healthy Start Kit

I love to support people with their health goals using essential oils.  We are all biochemically different, so what works for us, may not be the top choice for you.  However, if you are patient, I will work with you to find the best essential protocol for you and yours.  What I am recommending has helped many clients of mine, and I like to start people in the least expensive way possible — and IF that isn’t enough, then we can add in other things to try.  I hope this information is helpful, and that you and your family enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season!

Hugs & Health – Michelle