2021 is THE TIME to work from home and LOVE it! 2020 and 2021 have created a lot of uncertainty in the work force, in wages, in politics, in freedom of choice and in health and wellness.  I love that I can control how much I work and earn, the choices I make about my health care and who I choose to work/partner with.  

Why doTERRA   

The company I choose to represent is doTERRA Essential Oils.  They have an integrity and dedication to producing the most pure essential oils that I love.  doTERRA is committed to paying fair wages to the farmers who grow the plants their oils are distilled from to their corporate employees, and to their wellness advocates educating and selling others on the health benefits of essential oils! 

I joined doTERRA in January of 2015 as a wholesale customer to support my son with special needs.  We were “wowed” by how many ways we could use essential oils in our home.  We now use essential oils to support our immune systems and emotional well-being, as well as making many non-toxic products for our home such as green-cleaning products.

The Natural Health Revolution

Honestly, I was skeptical when I first began using essential oils, and was surprised at how much we loved them.  This naturally led me to wanting to share the gift of essential oils with my family and friends, and that naturally led me to a full-time business that I love! I feel that many people are interested in reducing toxins in their home, and supporting their health with natural solutions when possible.  This makes this the perfect time to join my team with doTERRA!!!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

My team is “Shine Bright Like A Diamond”, because our goal is to shine our lights bright in this world.  We strive to shine when we help people with their health and/or wellness goals.  We are also part of a larger team called “Educate And Empower”, which also has a fitting name.  Our collective goal is to educate and empower people to take care of themselves and their families with natural solutions, and also to support their families financially.

The Benefits Of Network Marketing

Many people start because they want to be their own boss, to have time freedom, extra income, replaced income and because they love helping people.  Our team has an “onboarding” process in place, so that anyone of any skill level can be successful as a doTERRA wellness advocate.  We have weekly team trainings that allow us to meet other wellness advocates doing this for a living and helps to create a sense of community.  We offer continuing education for both customers and wellness advocates.  I love that so many of these classes/trainings are already created.  A new wellness advocate simply needs to jump into learning about essential oils and the business, and then plug their people into the same trainings.  

Team Support 

doTERRA Cross-line Friends

doTERRA Cross-line Friends

In addition to working with my downline and getting support from my upline, I have made many cross-line friendships and business relationships.  I helped create and host a customer appreciation event/new product reveal in Hudson, Wisconsin last week with two cross-line friends.  We did all the work behind the scenes and also paid for the entire event.  Our downlines got to invite all of their customers, and were invited to teach at one of the education tables we had created, so they could engage with their customers.  It truly was a wonderful event, and one I was proud to be a part of.  

Fall Wellness Event

Fall Wellness Event

If you would like to work with a supportive group of people interested in natural health, I encourage you to comment below or message me.  I LOVE helping people see the “gift beyond the oils” that is the doTERRA business opportunity.  It would be my honor to help you explore and decide if this opportunity would fit well in your life.  If you do decide to jump in, I promise to support and guide you to work towards YOUR goals.  I have several key spots in my doTERRA organization that I am looking to fill with committed, capable wellness advocates.  I am interviewing for these spots, and would love to set you up with an interview! 

Hugs & Health – Michelle