Working from home used to be rare, and is much more commonplace in 2021.  The pandemic and the advancements in technology have made it easier to work from home.  With so many work-from-home opportunities out there, how do you know what to choose?

doTERRA Business Opportunity

Many of the at-home work opportunities promise more than they can deliver.  It’s wise to be careful when choosing a career by investigating the company.  For me, doTERRA began as a solution to help boost our immune systems, and quickly let into a business opportunity.  I was so pleased with the benefits of essential oils, that I naturally wanted to share what I had learned with those I love.  At first, I didn’t even realize I could get compensated for this.

doTERRA Mission Statement

When I first received a check in the mail from doTERRA that I wasn’t expecting, I decided to look into the business potential.  I fell in love with the heart, mission and integrity of doTERRA.  Their mission to get pure essential oils into every household was easy for me to adopt.  I discovered that I could earn an income simply by sharing the essential oils and products I love with those that I love.  A win/win situation, if you ask me.

Why Join My Team

My journey began 7 years ago when I became a wholesale customer with doTERRA on 1/15/15.  Since then, I have been blessed to educate many customers on the health benefits of essential oils, and teach many of them to do the same.  This has naturally led to me building a team of doTERRA wellness advocates that teach others about using essential oils for their health goals.  I have achieved the rank of “Gold” with doTERRA and enjoy leading a larger team.  We have a supportive team culture with many team trainings and group opportunities.  In addition, we enjoy working together and have all become close friends.

2022 Goals

My goals for 2022 are to help more customers achieve their natural health goals, and also to help more people realize the financial potential of building a doTERRA team themselves.  I have 2 leadership spots open on my team, and am looking for just the right person to place and support there.  If you are hard-working, responsible, trust-worthy person who loves to help others, I would love to hear from you.  We can set a time to chat and explore whether this would be a good fit for you and for me.  Let’s make this a GREAT 2022!!

Hugs, Health & Wealth – Michelle