Are you a special needs mom, dad, grandparent or caregiver looking to make some extra income?  If so, this post is for you!

Webinar doTERRA Business Opp

Webinar doTERRA Business Opp

I had the privilege of coteaching a webinar on how to start a doTERRA Essential Oil Business from home and fit it into the life and time of a caregiver. The webinar was Monday, January 10th; however, you didn’t miss out because we recorded our class.

I taught the webinar with a friend and cross-line business partner who is also a special needs mom.  We both have different experiences caregiving, using essential oils and starting our doTERRA businesses.  I love that people attending got a varied perspective of what working from home with doTERRA could look like.

What You Need To Start A doTERRA Business From Home

*The first thing you need is a desire to help people.  Truthfully, all the caregivers I know love to help people, and is what they spend the majority of their day doing.  So, why not get paid for it?

*Time is a commodity we all cherish, and you do need to have at least 5 available hours a week to start a doTERRA business.  What I love is that you can carve out time when it works in your schedule, because there is no set time/schedule for your work.  You can spend a small amount of time and work towards getting your oils/products paid for or you can invest a larger amount of time and supplement or even replace your income.

Network Marketing Comp Plan

doTERRA Compensation Plan

*The requirement to earn commissions with doTERRA is to purchase 100 points of product through their loyalty program/month.  Lets exaggerate the amount you need to invest to start your business and say it’s $150/month.  If you spent $150/month for two years, you would have spent a total of $3,600.  That is a very small amount to start up any business, plus you have the benefit of using these healthy essential oils and products in your home for yourself and your family.  You will find that doTERRA offers a generous compensation plan, and that you can get paid in a multitude of ways.

Ongoing Education And Support

You may be thinking that you aren’t an essential oil expert or that you don’t have the first clue about starting your own business (essential oil or otherwise).  Don’t worry.  I love to educate people (I am a teacher by trade) and it fills my cup to help people reach their goals (their natural health goals and their income goals).  I typically meet with each of my new wellness advocates by Zoom or over the phone weekly for the first month or two, while they are developing a business plan to meet their goals.

Our team also has weekly trainings where you can learn from a wide variety of people, and also simply connect with others working this industry.  I love the essential oil community we have on our team!  doTERRA also has many resources available on their websites and through regional and corporate trainings.

My doTERRA Journey

Being a special needs mom and caregiver is a title I cherish.  While I wouldn’t have chosen for my kids to have special needs, I would change a thing about them.  They were built perfectly in God’s plan as unique, unrepeatable miracles.  Some days are hard, of course.  Essential oils have been a blessing for me emotionally to support us on the hard days, as well as supporting and boosting my younger son’s immune system (which is compromised due to his rare genetic condition).  I have not grown as fast as some of my friends in doTERRA, mainly because I have limited time.  And, that’s okay.  I still have achieved the rank of a Gold Level Leader and enjoy the commissions and bonuses that accompany that rank.

Is building a doTERRA business easy?  Nope — it’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme.  However, it is simple.  It’s really a numbers game, meaning that the higher the number of people you connect with and help, the higher your success rate.  I love having something that is just for me (because, let’s be real – special needs moms rarely have time for themselves). I find I am easily able to fit time to work around the needs and schedule of my family.  I often work at night after they are in bed, or in the early mornings after Danny gets on the bus for school (and before I teach virtually through the school district).  Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done during the pandemic without my doTERRA business while Danny was home distance learning.  I was available to help Danny with is school work, and still able to enjoy working my essential oil business and earn an income to support my family,

doTERRA has also helped me focus on personal development and growth, which is an integral part of being a doTERRA wellness advocate.  Taking care of myself allows me to have the energy to take care of my family.  This company provides a lot of resources for personal development and makes it a priority.  I feel I have grown in many ways being a wellness advocate with doTERRA.

If any of this speaks to you and peaks your curiosity, I would love to connect and give you more info.  Information is the best way to determine if a doTERRA Essential Oil business would be a good fit for you.  Feel free to comment below or drop me a DM for more info.  You can also request the recording of the Biz Opp call we recorded for special needs caregivers.


Hugs, Health & Wealth – Michelle